Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eviction Notice

We went to the Dr on Thursday and there was NO PROGRESS from last Monday! No progress in a week and a half…so it was time to schedule induction. She wanted us to go that night or Friday night, but we pushed it to next week. Our hope is that labor will come naturally before we go in on Monday night to start the process.

So (warning, TMI may be ahead for some) Monday night I’ll go into Mercy to have my cervix ripened. Basically, they have to get me a little further dilated and thinned out before giving me drugs to induce me. I’ll stay overnight on Monday, and if it goes well they’ll give me Pitocin Tuesday morning to start the induction process. Again, if all goes well I should have Baby T by Tuesday afternoon or evening!
I have to say ‘if all goes well’ because the first thing I do when I get home from the Dr is Google information about this process and find all sorts of stories of ‘failed inductions’. Basically, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Then we’d have to do a c-section. However, I’m confident that this is not the norm.

So Friday was my last day at work for 3 months! It was funny, just about everyone I talked to seemed to have been in my situation. About ½ had to go though with the induction and the other ½ went naturally before their scheduled due date – so that was encouraging.

We did have to go to Mercy last night for a non-stress test – something our Dr does whenever someone is over 41 weeks pregnant. Baby T (ok, my belly) was hooked up to a machine that measured her heartbeat and my contractions. And YES! I was having contractions. They just aren’t painful. All looked good so we left with the all clear.

So this weekend has already been filled with things that are supposed to help labor along – for example, last night we went out to eat and I got buffalo chicken salad and tonight we will go get Indian food from the place City Pages voted best in the Twin Cities (and I’ll make it spicy!). I’ve been trying to be up and about/walk as much as possible today – but will go on a walk tomorrow morning for sure. And we are trying a few other things I won’t mention since my family reads this blog. But trust me, we are trying just about everything that we know of!

Either way it happens (naturally or induction) I’m thrilled that she’ll be here soon! We are R.E.A.D.Y. Maybe my next post will be to indroduce her!

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Amie and Carson said...

Good luck! Hang in there! Sometimes just the ripening stuff will get things moving along. Can't wait to meet Baby T!!