Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's snowing!!

I swear that Bella is ready to take off. Although I know it's a long time away, it feels like she is ready the run the way she kicks her feet! But, when we have her on her belly she is starting to lift her butt up and wiggle a if she is starting to figure out how to balance herself.

As of now she still only rolls back to belly - no belly to back yet! Last week I took her to a playgroup fun by ECFE on Monday nights. One of the Moms from the New Parent Connection I went to at Mercy Hospital has a baby 1 week younger than Bella, and he was rolling ALL OVER the place at the play group. People aren't kidding when they say you can set them down one place, turn for 2 seconds and the baby will be across the room! It was so crazy to see this little guy roll and scoot himself around. I'm actually kind of thankful Bella isn't do that yet!

We are still feeding her just rice cereal - nothing else until her 6 month check up on Nov 11. I'm still nursing but will wean soon. My goal was to nurse for 6 months and I'm ready to be done. I'll miss the quiet time with Bella, but it's starting to become a lot of work and stressful. Now that she eats 8 oz of formula in one sitting, I just don't think she gets enough milk from me. It's hard to keep up. I always feel better when she has had a bottle and I know exactly how much she ate.

I'm excited to start feeding her new foods, though. My mom got me a baby food 'cookbook' for my bday. I'm going to at least try to make most of her food rather than buy premade baby food. It seems simple enough and I'll feel better knowing exactly what she is eating.

Other developments include Bella starting to know when Mom and Dad are leaving - she seems to fuss a bit now when we drop her off for "daycare" in the morning. The cutest? She's starting to reach for me - and only me! :) For example, this morning she hung out with Papa while I made breakfast - after a while he brought her into the kitchen and she reached out for me. I grabbed her and she cuddled into me. It's the best! The fact that she has only done this toward me makes up for the fact that she'd only laugh for Daddy for a while.

I'm also going to start sign language soon. Another mom in the playgroup uses it with her 9 month old and echos what I've heard before - it helps ease frustration for baby who WANTS to tell you what they want, but just can't. We'll see how it works out!

No pictures since I'm on my laptop...but trust me, she is still the cutest.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Isabella is still the cutest!

In control

My god, she lovess this monkey!


I can haz pumpkin?


Two little monkeys

Big girl in her high chair

Seriously, Mom?


Ready for church

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nakie playtime failed...

Just an update that naked playtime promptly ended after Bella reminded me that the garbage bags were there not only to protect the floor from #1, but from #2 as well… thank goodness we were in the basement and near the washing machine.

That was the first and last naked playtime session. Like I mentioned, she didn’t seem to enjoy it enough for me to deal with that again!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Experimenting with nakie playtime...

...which involves garbage bags on the floor, a blanket over them, and a naked baby on top of that. Supposedly babies love naked playtime. So far she seems indifferent.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

No, she isn't happy ALL the time

Just almost all of the time.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I tried posted about the Duluth trip, including a bunch of pics, but it takes so long to load and then I lost all my text....

so instead just go to my Flickr site and look at the pics. There will be a set for the Duluth trip soon.

I will say the cutest part of the trip was when we were at the zoo. We were int he area where you can feed the animals and we were watching some little girl feed the baby/pygmy goats (whatever they were...they were small goats). The mom of the girl said "Oooh! She's loving this!!" and she was talking about Isabella. I turn around and she was ALL smiles and wiggling around in Jeremy's arms (he had her facing out). So damn cute. But, of course, impossible to catch on camera.