Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas this year was fun - Baby T got lots of pretty pink stuff. And a cool caterpillar that plays classical music. I already like to put it up to my belly.

JT has been working really hard on the house this week. He’s almost done with the main rooms and then will move onto the office/Scrappy’s room that will turn into baby’s room (sorry Scrappy!)! I’m thinking light green for the walls (I just can’t give my girl TOO girly of a room!) and maybe purple stars. I haven’t run this by JT to see what he thinks – but from what I hear green and purple do go together. Now that it’s almost the new year, it’s time to really get in gear with all the baby stuff. We’ve had a good 5 months to let the idea sink in, and it’s time to really get prepared!

Happy New Years all!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Couple of sickies...

JT has been sick with a cold for about a week, and I just picked it up a few days ago. It's rare that we'll both be sick at the same time, and rare that JT gets this sick in general. Usually his colds last a few days and then he's fine.

So, due to this not much has gotten done around the Trafton house. JT feels miserable with medicine and I feel miserable without being able to take anything (granted, there are probably a few things I COULD take...but I haven't had the energy to look it up yet).

The good news is we both have some time off work. The bad news is we still have to go Christmas shopping this weekend.

Unless we decide to get everyone GiftCards to

Sunday, December 16, 2007

One tired mama...

The weekend was busy. On Sat morning Jeremy and I took a 'Healthy Pregnancy' class at Mercy Hospital. It is the first of 4 classes we are taking - next up is 'All About Babies'. The Healthy Pregnancy class was okay. It was pretty basic stuff that we had already read about, but it was nice to listen to someone talk about it and hear other couples ask questions.

Sat night we went to two holiday parties - and again I made it out until 1am! The first party was with Jeremy’s Dad’s side of the family – who we don’t see much. There were two little girls running around, and it was fun to watch them and watch Jeremy interact with them. He actually did – even though he claimed he didn’t know what to say/do!

The second party was the neighborhood holiday party....and boy, can our neighbors party! It was one of the first times that I actually was really disappointed I couldn't fully participate....the sake bombs were flowing but not for the preggo lady.

So Jeremy left with a bit of a stumble (sake bombs were flowing for him) and I left with a recommendation for daycare in the area.

Today we went shopping at the Mall of America. Not extremely successful…but at least we didn’t wait until next weekend! Yes, we hadn’t even started Christmas shopping before today. I’ve taken on Jeremy’s habit of waiting until the week before – but it’s always worked out in the past and it’ll work out again.

A couple of long days have left me pretty worn out. JT thinks he’s getting a cold so I’m trying to do what I can not to follow suit.

Happy week before Christmas/time off from work!

Monday, December 10, 2007

It appears to be a....

GIRL!!! We were very surprised as all other signs pointed to boy. But we are thrilled, of course. Everything else with the ultrasound went well. They determined me to be 1 week behind what the Dr. orginally thought I was. My new due date is May 1, 2008.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tonight is the night!

First ultrasound at 7 p.m.!!
Hopefully B.T. cooperates and we can tell if it is made of sugar and spice and everything nice, or snakes and snails and puppy dog tails! We can’t wait!

Monday, December 3, 2007

I wish I had more to blog about than just baby. But life outside of baby pretty much consists of this:

Mandy does school work. JT works on the house.

I’ll be done with this semester next week and will have a few weeks off before starting again in Jan. I’m only taking 1 class, so I should have more time next semester for life outside of school.

JT has moved onto our living room…working on the walls, the ceiling, etc. He’s close to being ready to paint. Then the dining room, hallway and living room will be pretty much done (minus needing new curtains and light fixtures). After that we’ll be ready to work on transforming Scrappy’s room into a baby room. Probably in Jan or Feb. Oh, we’ll also be ready to move in our new 46” Flat Screen HDTV we bought ourselves for Christmas. We must love us.

Although, I do want to share that on Thursday we go for our ultrasound….hopefully we’ll be able to tell the sex…and yes, we’ll share. If the baby doesn’t cooperate and we can’t tell… I think I might go crazy. I have this feeling that I NEED to know. So if we don't find out, everyone will hear about that as well.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Me pants are really tight!

I swear, I wore these same pair last week and they were fine. Now I literally had to unbutton them halfway though the day to allow myself the breath.

I think there is a baby growing in there.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My dreams are always odd, but lately I’ve been dreaming about eating gross stuff. For example, expired yogurt. I dreamed I ate expired yogurt last night (it was chunky and everything) and this morning I actually woke up nauseous and got sick.

This is also why I can’t chew gum anymore or eat eggs.

I’ve had dreams that I spit out the gum, but there is constantly more in my mouth. Big wads of icky, gooey gum. ICK. So now when I chew gum I can’t help but think of it and get nauseous. I also tend to get the same reaction when I see someone else chewing gum, so forgive me if I can’t look at you while you chew.

I can’t remember specifically why my egg dreams make me sick, but it had to do with the yolk. I ate egg whites last week, but tried again this weekend and couldn’t do it.

I thought it was important to give you an update on my current thoughts about eggs and gum (and yogurt). Although, now I’m nauseous just writing this out.

Lets look at some otters and a baby chin - who will never make you run for the bathroom!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All is well!

On their advice, I ended up going to the Dr yesterday to have them check my blood pressure and to talk about the vision spots. My blood pressure was normal when checked at the office. I was told not to trust anyone that takes it via a machine instead of listening themselves. So all seems normal. They took blood to test my kidneys and told me to get my vision checked, otherwise all seems normal. I guess some preggo ladies can’t even wear contacts because THE SHAPE OF THEIR EYES CHANGE. wtf?

Anyway, the real good news is that I got to hear B.T. again. The heart rate was 151…but boy was it hard to find! I guess B.T. was facing backwards or something. Anyway, it’s fun to hear.

Thanks to everyone who has commented already!!
Jessica – thanks for introducing me to BlogSpot. I already like it better than LiveJournal.
Sarah – my biggest fan ;) …and B.T.’s (non-related biggest fan), I think!
Amie – I can’t wait to read up on your blog. I bet I’ll learn a lot from you!
Jessie – I thought they were going to be migraines, too…but then I only had mild headaches afterwards. Thank goodness! Hopefully Marty doesn’t see spots very often!

Monday, November 19, 2007

More Spots

The spots started again this afternoon... like flashes of light in my eyes. It makes it hard to see my computer screen. I got my blood pressure checked at the Target Clinic on site and I'm 135/91.... a little high but not high enough to be considered "high"...if that makes sense!

I called my Dr office and spoke with a Triage nurse. No, I’m not having a seizure. She made sure of that. So all they can do is talk to a Dr and call me back. It’s more annoying than anything else. And YES, I’ve been drinking water today!!

B.T. is beating!

Last Monday, we went to the Dr again and heard B.T.’s heartbeat. Dr Kern found it very quickly this time – and it was stronger. The beat was 157. That’s about all the appt. was. Out next appt is on Dec. 6 and will be the ultrasound! So if B.T. cooperates, we’ll be able to know (and share) the sex.

There have been lots of predictions on if B.T. is a Bart or a Bunnie. The last one was connected to the fact that I haven’t really been sick. Supposedly, if you don’t have morning sickness it’s a boy – and several people were able to back this up. However, I know a few people who had boys and were very sick…so again, I really believe there isn’t a way to tell until it’s born! But hopefully the ultrasound will be accurate.

Otherwise, I’ve been feeling good. Only one scare on Tuesday. I was sitting at my computer at work and started seeing spots. They got worse until it was like bright lights flashing in my eyes. I wasn’t dizzy or anything, so I tried to walk it off. After about 20 minutes, I decided to call a pregnancy nurseline. They thought it was my blood pressure, however I had gone to the Dr the day before and my blood pressure was fine then. So, they pretty much said “I don’t know, call your Dr.”. My Dr wasn’t available…so I ended up relying on a guy at work whose wife is 8 months pregnant with their second, and good old google. First, the guy said his wife experienced this when she was dehydrated. Google confirmed this. I gulped a bunch of water and within 5 minutes the spots went away. Lesson learned!

Now, normally I have no problem drinking water – but it had been a hectic morning and looking back I hadn’t consumed my normal amount. Funny how things like that (eyesight and dehydration) are connected.

On the home front, JT is going to work this week to finish up the living room and hallway – so we can then concentrate on the computer room/Scrappy’s room which will turn into B.T.’s room. We’re thinking paint, new carpet…maybe an awesome Snoopy theme from Baby’s R Us (>

In the end, we’ll wait until after Dec 6 to make any major decisions, but it’s time to start working on it!

Also, the fashionable maternity clothes (thanks Mom!) are coming in handy. I find myself in them more and more. Maybe I’ll post a few belly pics once my normal ‘is she or isn’t she’ belly gets out of the way and you can actually tell I’m pregnant.

Happy Turkey week!