Monday, November 19, 2007

B.T. is beating!

Last Monday, we went to the Dr again and heard B.T.’s heartbeat. Dr Kern found it very quickly this time – and it was stronger. The beat was 157. That’s about all the appt. was. Out next appt is on Dec. 6 and will be the ultrasound! So if B.T. cooperates, we’ll be able to know (and share) the sex.

There have been lots of predictions on if B.T. is a Bart or a Bunnie. The last one was connected to the fact that I haven’t really been sick. Supposedly, if you don’t have morning sickness it’s a boy – and several people were able to back this up. However, I know a few people who had boys and were very sick…so again, I really believe there isn’t a way to tell until it’s born! But hopefully the ultrasound will be accurate.

Otherwise, I’ve been feeling good. Only one scare on Tuesday. I was sitting at my computer at work and started seeing spots. They got worse until it was like bright lights flashing in my eyes. I wasn’t dizzy or anything, so I tried to walk it off. After about 20 minutes, I decided to call a pregnancy nurseline. They thought it was my blood pressure, however I had gone to the Dr the day before and my blood pressure was fine then. So, they pretty much said “I don’t know, call your Dr.”. My Dr wasn’t available…so I ended up relying on a guy at work whose wife is 8 months pregnant with their second, and good old google. First, the guy said his wife experienced this when she was dehydrated. Google confirmed this. I gulped a bunch of water and within 5 minutes the spots went away. Lesson learned!

Now, normally I have no problem drinking water – but it had been a hectic morning and looking back I hadn’t consumed my normal amount. Funny how things like that (eyesight and dehydration) are connected.

On the home front, JT is going to work this week to finish up the living room and hallway – so we can then concentrate on the computer room/Scrappy’s room which will turn into B.T.’s room. We’re thinking paint, new carpet…maybe an awesome Snoopy theme from Baby’s R Us (>

In the end, we’ll wait until after Dec 6 to make any major decisions, but it’s time to start working on it!

Also, the fashionable maternity clothes (thanks Mom!) are coming in handy. I find myself in them more and more. Maybe I’ll post a few belly pics once my normal ‘is she or isn’t she’ belly gets out of the way and you can actually tell I’m pregnant.

Happy Turkey week!


Miss Jess said...

Yah!! Welcome to the world of blogging!

Amie and Carson said...

Hey There...Jess pointed me in your direction! :) I had no morning sickness either and turned out with a little boy. Try googling "chinese gender predictor" seriously, it's been right for EVERYONE that I know...almost scary! Hope you stay feeling good!

Sarah said...

I really hope you get the Snoopy themed room! It is so darn cute!!!!!!! I also am hoping you get to know the gender on the 6th! How exciting would that be??!!

Jessie said...

I have had no morning sickness as well but the Chinese predictor said girl...we'll see. My mom also had no morning sickness and had me. So, who knows. Good luck at your appt.