Monday, November 26, 2007

My dreams are always odd, but lately I’ve been dreaming about eating gross stuff. For example, expired yogurt. I dreamed I ate expired yogurt last night (it was chunky and everything) and this morning I actually woke up nauseous and got sick.

This is also why I can’t chew gum anymore or eat eggs.

I’ve had dreams that I spit out the gum, but there is constantly more in my mouth. Big wads of icky, gooey gum. ICK. So now when I chew gum I can’t help but think of it and get nauseous. I also tend to get the same reaction when I see someone else chewing gum, so forgive me if I can’t look at you while you chew.

I can’t remember specifically why my egg dreams make me sick, but it had to do with the yolk. I ate egg whites last week, but tried again this weekend and couldn’t do it.

I thought it was important to give you an update on my current thoughts about eggs and gum (and yogurt). Although, now I’m nauseous just writing this out.

Lets look at some otters and a baby chin - who will never make you run for the bathroom!


Amie and Carson said...

you're so funny! Have you been sick a lot? I wasn't very often luckily but I know the feeling where one weird thing will totally gross you out! I won't tell you what mine I don't want to take more foods away from you! :)

Sarah said...

Funniest blog ever!!!! Love the pics at the end!!!! I will try not to eat eggs, yogurt or chew gum around you!!!