Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

Friday –
After work, I decided I NEEDED to hit up the local chinese buffet (appropratly named Yummy Buffet) to get my fill of pineapple shrimp. Bella enjoyed this as well as she got to eat “strawberry chicken” (some dish that had red looking chicken so she assumed it was strawberry), lo mein and 2 plates of fruit. She didn’t even care that I was getting ice cream when she realized she could pick out any kind of fruit she wanted and have as much as she wanted. Works for me! Then we took a drive around the Elm Creek park/Dayton area. It only takes a few minutes to feel like you are on semi-country roads so it’s a nice relaxing drive.

Saturday –

After Jeremy made us a breakfast of ‘fancy toast’ (French toast) and fruit smoothies, Bella and I heading off garage-saleing. I’ve never done this as an adult/on my own free will but realized there is something very satisfactory around the hunt of a sale. First you have to spot a sign and then you have to attempt to follow it. I was amazed at how many dead ends I ran into because people would place a sign on the main road having you turn into a neighborhood but to follow up with any additional signs. Even though I stuck to our general Champlin/Brooklyn Park area I still don’t know all the street names. SO just telling me an address doesn’t help!

Bella got into it after our second sale which had a ton of kids toys and clothes. There was another little one toddling around, so she had a good time running from toy to toy to try things out. After that her motto was “one more garage sale!”. The best buy of the morning was ‘If You Take a Mouse to School’ for 25 cents. My splurge was $6 on Little People Animals and playmat which was sold by a couple of adorable kids in their front yard. Their neighbors were having a sale so they set up shop in the front with a handful of toys and some free kool-aid. I couldn’t resist them and I know Bella will like the animals.

We ended our excursion when it started to rain and got home just in time for me to be holding Bella outside when the thunder started. Last year she was too young to care about it, but this time I got the “WHAT THE EFF WAS THAT??” look and the death grip. I tried to explain how it was just a loud noise – like the blender or the vacuum cleaner but she wasn’t comforted. Thankfully the thunder calmed down enough for her to take a nap.

After nap time, Auntie Lissa and Clay Clay came over to watch Bella for a few hours while we met or friends Mel and Curt for dinner. It worked out well because Mel and Curt have a 6 month old and her parents live right by us. So they were able to drop off baby Reese with them and we enjoyed dinner on the patio at Mavericks. We were home by 7:15 just as Bella, Lissa and Clay Clay were coming home from the park. Bella had such a good time that when I mentioned going to the park the next day she insisted that Auntie Lissa and Clay Clay come over to take her.

Oh, and the big news from Saturday was that Bella used her “big girl potty” for the first time! We were all in the bathroom area getting ready or doing whatever and she looked at Jeremy and said “You have to go potty” (remember you = me). Jeremy told her to hold it, helped her get ready and seated and after a few seconds she did was she was supposed to do! The kids potty we have has a sensor on the bottom that plays a tune when something hits it. It’s funny how thrilling that sound can be. Unfortunately, she didn’t repeat this at all this weekend but it was an encouraging sign!

Sunday –
We met friends (Crystal, Joel and 1 ½ yr old Jonah plus Rachel and 5 yr old Olivia and 1 ½ yr old Rylan) at a park in Coon Rapids. The playground was great as it had 3 different areas and even the biggest one was Bella-friendly. Actually, it was mom friendly as it didn’t have any tunnels or tubes that would require parents to squeeze through to follow their kids. We played, had lunch and enjoyed the overcast sky (kept it cool) for 2.5 hours before going home to nap. Of course, that’s the time the sun and heat started which meant that my nap-time activity of mowing the lawn was hot and tiring but it still felt good.
After nap time we busted out the kiddie pool at Bella’s new sprinkler she got for her birthday. She let me and Jeremy put our feet in the pool and made us run though the sprinkler with her a million times. It was fun, but holding a 27lb kid and running didn’t last too long for this out-of-shape 3.5 month pregnant chick. So I made Dada take over.

After a lot of sun and a lot of fun we were all worn out, but it felt good to be able to get out and enjoy the weather!

Friday, May 21, 2010

“I lobe [love] you too, Mama.”

She'll say this even when I don't say it first. It makes every stressful/frustrating moment worth it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Birthday Blog

It was inevitable. My baby was going to turn 2 and officially be a toddler. It happened last Friday, May 7. I’ll be honest that there were a few tears from Mama, but mostly we had a lot of fun and laughs.

Friday – May 7
Grandma and Grandpa took Bella in the morning so I could finish some last minute errands and start cleaning for her birthday party the next day. Then we met for lunch at Ruby Tuesday and had some good food and a ‘kids birthday sundae’ the size of my head. This started a streak of sweets for Bella which will not be repeated. As I’ve mentioned before, we really try to limit her sweet intake. We don’t have cookies (other than animal crackers) in the house nor do we ever do dessert. So desserts are usually only on special occasions like holidays and birthdays. This weekend was one big special occiasion, though, so we let her indulge a bit.

After lunch we went home for a much needed nap and more prepping for her party. Jeremy got off work ‘early’ (was home by 5:00) and we had a nice night of pizza and presents. It was fun because she wanted to play with each thing after opening, so she didn’t even get through all our presents that night. We picked up where we left off in the morning

Saturday, May 8
After finishing presents, cooking and cleaning and a nap (for Bella), family started arriving for Bella’s birthday party. The Hajders came first - Grandma, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Pete, Uncle Andy and Aunt Jessica came over first. Grandma brought the Mickey and Minnie mouse cake. Bella was totally spoiled

  • Grandma and Grandpa – tumbling classes at the Little Gym, puzzle and clothes
  • Great-Grandpa – funds for her bank account, a chick that sings and a magnetic Pooh book
    Michelle/Pete – Drum, tambourine and other music maker, kitty sticker book (or was this andy/jess?)
  • Andy/Jess – Twins shirts, bracelets, kitty sticker book (?)
  • Great Aunt Marjie – Lamb purse, sunglasses and a stuffed puppy

Then the Trafton side of the family came – Nana, Papa, Great Grandma, Great Aunt Cindy, Uncle Justin, Aunt Mara and Aunt Melissa and we ate until we were stuffed. Jeremy spent the night prior and all day preparing and smoking babyback and short ribs. He also smoked chedder cheese for an appetizer. We also had Nana’s 7 layer salad, Grandma’s calico beans, chips and fruit. Oh and cake and ice cream, of course.
After eating, the Hajders left to make it to the Twins game and we opened presents from the Traftons. She was once again spoiled!

After more hanging out and playing with new toys, the guests left and Bella got to wind down by watching the Mickey Mouse show on DVD because Mom and Dad were tired too!

It was a great birthday and I look forward to celebrating many more!

Sunday, May 9

Mother's day came at a great time. It was a good reason to not plan any more 'work' for the weekend and relax. We met my family for brunch (tried the Good Day Cafe, but headed to The Dover in a DoubleTree for an awesome buffett with GDC told us it'd be an hour wait). Went to the Mpls Farmers Market, napped, and went to the in-laws for dinner. Of course brunch and dinner included dessert, which makes this weekend the time that Bella ate more sweets in a span of 3 days then in her 2 years combined! Not a habit we are getting into!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yup, she still has a big head.

Bella had her 2 yr check up today (detailed post about her bday coming later) and it went really well. Here are the highlights
  • 26.5 lbs (50th percentile), 31 inches (50th percentile) and a head that is still in the 90th percentile
  • Dr. Amy said she was the most cooperative 2 year old she’s seen. Whether or not she was just saying that to make us feel good, we’ll take it. Bella was very calm and attentive and did everything Dr Amy asked her to do.
  • Bella talked the entire time, impressing Dr Amy who said her vocabulary is at a 3 yr old level. At one point she said “seriously guys, I don’t know if you know how impressive this is!” so that felt really good.
  • The pre-survey (where you mark yes or no to a series of questions regarding what your kid is able to do) confirmed that her cognitive/language skills are advanced (sorry, don’t mean to brag but come on…they marked that a 3 year old should start to identify colors and Bella’s been doing that for months!) but most of what we had to answer ‘no’ to was physical (jumping a distance, balance, drawing a straight line, etc).
  • We need to start working on having Bella dress herself. One of the questions on the pre-survey that we marked ‘no’ to was in relation to her dressing/undressing herself. Bella can talk off her socks and pull her pants down, but doesn’t take them off or doesn’t take off/put on her own shirts.
  • She can start eating peanut butter! :D But note to family….we want to be the first to give it to her so wait for us to give you the go ahead :)
  • She got two shots and two very cool star band aids. There were tears but she recovered quick enough to pick out a sticker. We then had to go to the lab for a finger-prick blood sample and I expected more tears, but Bella didn’t flinch or make a peep. She sat totally still and watched the entire time. No tears or fussing or anything! She got a special toy from the lab tech and an Ernie sticker for that.

The next appt isn’t until 3 years, which is kind of a bummer since it’s fun to go and get her stats. But we’ll be back before then with #2. We found out our pediatrician is pregnant and due on Monday, so we are glad we made it in to see her before she went on leave.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bella's Story

For some reason I was thinking about it this morning and it made me smile. So I wanted to document it.

A few nights ago we were finishing up dinner and Bella started saying “go to park!”. It was getting kind of late so we had to tell her no, that it’d be dark soon so we couldn’t go to the park. She took it OK since we promised to go another night. Not long after, we were in our bed reading “mama’s books” (Bella likes me to “read” to her from my books…which is just me making up stories and flipping though the pages of my book pretending like I’m reading it to her). Bella stopped me and said “you read!” so I handed her the book and asked her what her story would be about. She said “A lady”. Here is her story –

“Lady brings pizza. Mama and Dada and Baby eat pizza. Baby needs a paci[fier] (at this point I ask the baby’s name and it’s Barbara – the name of her cabbage patch doll). Baby sleeps in stroller. Mama, Dada and Baby go to park. Baby plays on Choo Choo Train (at Andrews Park by us the playground has a train to play on). Mama and Dada are on the train. Choo Choo!”

So apparently she was wanting to go to the park to play on the choo choo train. And she wants pizza.

There has been a lot of pacifier talk lately. I think it’s because I told Bella that when she’s 2, she won’t use a pacifier anymore. She is always telling me that she uses a pacifier at Grandma and Grandpas to go night night (she does at Mara’s too). She fusses for one every once and a while at home but when I remind her we don’t use them at home anymore, she comes back with “Paci at grandma and grandpas, go night night”….like she’s telling me “fine, I’ll just get one at Grandma’s house!”. Which is fine, but not for much longer! :)

Also last night we went to see Jeremy and his brother (Uncle Justin) play volleyball at Mama Gs. It was a little chilly, but Bella had a great time. She was squealing, laughing and cheering during the first game and would repeat “bump, set, spike!” with me. But 1 game was enough for her and we spent the rest of the time running around and playing with Auntie Lissa who came to watch as well. Then we went inside with everyone after the game to warm up and Bella saw the pull tab booth. She pointed at it and said “Money!”. Thinking it’d entertain her and me for a few minutes, I bought $5 worth. I handed one to Bella and she knew exactly what to do with it! She pulled back the tabs like a pro! I’ve only played pull tabs a few times in my life and never with her, so that was kind of funny. And no, we didn’t win big.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mama hold hand

Bella is really into holding hands lately. Mostly MY hand, which is totally fine. The sweetest is when we are eating and she’ll reach out towards me and say “Mama hold hand” and hold my hand while she eats. This past weekend we were attached at the hip – literally. Mama had to do everything and carry her everywhere. We were running errands yesterday and I was getting tired so I asked JT to buckle her in the car at one point and she freaked out because only Mama could do it. And she’ll only brush her teeth for me now. Brushing teeth used to be her and JT’s thing. I didn’t even have to be in the room. But now I have to be there and be the one who brushes. Again, it’s fine, but I kind of miss the little breaks I would get when JT would take over and do something. I’m sure it’s a phase and it’ll pass….and once it does I’ll miss it.

On that note, when we were eating dinner yesterday we were talking about her birthday (again) and what she was going to do at her party. She said the normal stuff about having cake and playing with toys…then she said “and get bigger, and bigger, and bigger!” as in SHE will keep getting bigger. Well that was it. I lost it. I don’t want her to get bigger!! I don’t want her to go off to college! What are we going to do when she leaves the house forever?? I had a minor panic attack that I party blame the pregnancy hormones for. But hearing her say how big she’ll get was just too much. I’m over it now (kind of) and am looking forward to everything that comes with having a kid grow up, but she needs to stop talking about getting bigger and pretend like she’ll stay 2 forever.