Monday, May 3, 2010

Mama hold hand

Bella is really into holding hands lately. Mostly MY hand, which is totally fine. The sweetest is when we are eating and she’ll reach out towards me and say “Mama hold hand” and hold my hand while she eats. This past weekend we were attached at the hip – literally. Mama had to do everything and carry her everywhere. We were running errands yesterday and I was getting tired so I asked JT to buckle her in the car at one point and she freaked out because only Mama could do it. And she’ll only brush her teeth for me now. Brushing teeth used to be her and JT’s thing. I didn’t even have to be in the room. But now I have to be there and be the one who brushes. Again, it’s fine, but I kind of miss the little breaks I would get when JT would take over and do something. I’m sure it’s a phase and it’ll pass….and once it does I’ll miss it.

On that note, when we were eating dinner yesterday we were talking about her birthday (again) and what she was going to do at her party. She said the normal stuff about having cake and playing with toys…then she said “and get bigger, and bigger, and bigger!” as in SHE will keep getting bigger. Well that was it. I lost it. I don’t want her to get bigger!! I don’t want her to go off to college! What are we going to do when she leaves the house forever?? I had a minor panic attack that I party blame the pregnancy hormones for. But hearing her say how big she’ll get was just too much. I’m over it now (kind of) and am looking forward to everything that comes with having a kid grow up, but she needs to stop talking about getting bigger and pretend like she’ll stay 2 forever.

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