Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bella's Story

For some reason I was thinking about it this morning and it made me smile. So I wanted to document it.

A few nights ago we were finishing up dinner and Bella started saying “go to park!”. It was getting kind of late so we had to tell her no, that it’d be dark soon so we couldn’t go to the park. She took it OK since we promised to go another night. Not long after, we were in our bed reading “mama’s books” (Bella likes me to “read” to her from my books…which is just me making up stories and flipping though the pages of my book pretending like I’m reading it to her). Bella stopped me and said “you read!” so I handed her the book and asked her what her story would be about. She said “A lady”. Here is her story –

“Lady brings pizza. Mama and Dada and Baby eat pizza. Baby needs a paci[fier] (at this point I ask the baby’s name and it’s Barbara – the name of her cabbage patch doll). Baby sleeps in stroller. Mama, Dada and Baby go to park. Baby plays on Choo Choo Train (at Andrews Park by us the playground has a train to play on). Mama and Dada are on the train. Choo Choo!”

So apparently she was wanting to go to the park to play on the choo choo train. And she wants pizza.

There has been a lot of pacifier talk lately. I think it’s because I told Bella that when she’s 2, she won’t use a pacifier anymore. She is always telling me that she uses a pacifier at Grandma and Grandpas to go night night (she does at Mara’s too). She fusses for one every once and a while at home but when I remind her we don’t use them at home anymore, she comes back with “Paci at grandma and grandpas, go night night”….like she’s telling me “fine, I’ll just get one at Grandma’s house!”. Which is fine, but not for much longer! :)

Also last night we went to see Jeremy and his brother (Uncle Justin) play volleyball at Mama Gs. It was a little chilly, but Bella had a great time. She was squealing, laughing and cheering during the first game and would repeat “bump, set, spike!” with me. But 1 game was enough for her and we spent the rest of the time running around and playing with Auntie Lissa who came to watch as well. Then we went inside with everyone after the game to warm up and Bella saw the pull tab booth. She pointed at it and said “Money!”. Thinking it’d entertain her and me for a few minutes, I bought $5 worth. I handed one to Bella and she knew exactly what to do with it! She pulled back the tabs like a pro! I’ve only played pull tabs a few times in my life and never with her, so that was kind of funny. And no, we didn’t win big.

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