Monday, May 17, 2010

The Birthday Blog

It was inevitable. My baby was going to turn 2 and officially be a toddler. It happened last Friday, May 7. I’ll be honest that there were a few tears from Mama, but mostly we had a lot of fun and laughs.

Friday – May 7
Grandma and Grandpa took Bella in the morning so I could finish some last minute errands and start cleaning for her birthday party the next day. Then we met for lunch at Ruby Tuesday and had some good food and a ‘kids birthday sundae’ the size of my head. This started a streak of sweets for Bella which will not be repeated. As I’ve mentioned before, we really try to limit her sweet intake. We don’t have cookies (other than animal crackers) in the house nor do we ever do dessert. So desserts are usually only on special occasions like holidays and birthdays. This weekend was one big special occiasion, though, so we let her indulge a bit.

After lunch we went home for a much needed nap and more prepping for her party. Jeremy got off work ‘early’ (was home by 5:00) and we had a nice night of pizza and presents. It was fun because she wanted to play with each thing after opening, so she didn’t even get through all our presents that night. We picked up where we left off in the morning

Saturday, May 8
After finishing presents, cooking and cleaning and a nap (for Bella), family started arriving for Bella’s birthday party. The Hajders came first - Grandma, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Pete, Uncle Andy and Aunt Jessica came over first. Grandma brought the Mickey and Minnie mouse cake. Bella was totally spoiled

  • Grandma and Grandpa – tumbling classes at the Little Gym, puzzle and clothes
  • Great-Grandpa – funds for her bank account, a chick that sings and a magnetic Pooh book
    Michelle/Pete – Drum, tambourine and other music maker, kitty sticker book (or was this andy/jess?)
  • Andy/Jess – Twins shirts, bracelets, kitty sticker book (?)
  • Great Aunt Marjie – Lamb purse, sunglasses and a stuffed puppy

Then the Trafton side of the family came – Nana, Papa, Great Grandma, Great Aunt Cindy, Uncle Justin, Aunt Mara and Aunt Melissa and we ate until we were stuffed. Jeremy spent the night prior and all day preparing and smoking babyback and short ribs. He also smoked chedder cheese for an appetizer. We also had Nana’s 7 layer salad, Grandma’s calico beans, chips and fruit. Oh and cake and ice cream, of course.
After eating, the Hajders left to make it to the Twins game and we opened presents from the Traftons. She was once again spoiled!

After more hanging out and playing with new toys, the guests left and Bella got to wind down by watching the Mickey Mouse show on DVD because Mom and Dad were tired too!

It was a great birthday and I look forward to celebrating many more!

Sunday, May 9

Mother's day came at a great time. It was a good reason to not plan any more 'work' for the weekend and relax. We met my family for brunch (tried the Good Day Cafe, but headed to The Dover in a DoubleTree for an awesome buffett with GDC told us it'd be an hour wait). Went to the Mpls Farmers Market, napped, and went to the in-laws for dinner. Of course brunch and dinner included dessert, which makes this weekend the time that Bella ate more sweets in a span of 3 days then in her 2 years combined! Not a habit we are getting into!


Jessie said...

I saw your pictures of the fishing game and I think Ben would love that as well. I'll have to put it on the list...
Happy Birthday little girl - time just goes way too fast. I remember when they were just born. It will surely make you appreciate the time with your second when you now know how quickly it goes by with the first. I just hold Janie and think, "Oh, there goes another week. You'll never be this little again." I try to hold her and put off the to-do-list when I can longer because it just makes me so sad how poof! Ben's a little person now. Dang that time tickin by!

Michelle said...

Yeah, Pete and I also got her the book of kitty stickers.

And hey, you didn't mention the stuffed animal we got her ;)

Trafty said...

heh, yes you're right Michelle. I didn't mention that stuffed "animal".