Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas this year was fun - Baby T got lots of pretty pink stuff. And a cool caterpillar that plays classical music. I already like to put it up to my belly.

JT has been working really hard on the house this week. He’s almost done with the main rooms and then will move onto the office/Scrappy’s room that will turn into baby’s room (sorry Scrappy!)! I’m thinking light green for the walls (I just can’t give my girl TOO girly of a room!) and maybe purple stars. I haven’t run this by JT to see what he thinks – but from what I hear green and purple do go together. Now that it’s almost the new year, it’s time to really get in gear with all the baby stuff. We’ve had a good 5 months to let the idea sink in, and it’s time to really get prepared!

Happy New Years all!


Amie and Carson said...

Green is a GREAT color to start with, it goes well with both pink and purple. We started with green because we didn't know what we were having and the blues fit right in! I found a pastel sage at Home Depot that is just fantastic!

Sarah said...

Once again, no notification that you have blogged!! How annoying! I am just going to have to check here and there to see if you have written anything! Grr!

Anyways, I think green and purple would be really pretty! At least it won't be all pink. I am sure JT would love that! Haha!!