Thursday, January 10, 2008

The past few weeks flew by!

I survived my first sober New Years Eve in 11 years (sorry, Mom). It was fun! I was able to stay up until 3:00am!

I’ve started to ‘pop’. I still don’t look 6 months pregnant according to people at work – but I think I do. I sure feel like it, anyway! Baby T is kicking more. JT felt her once and I feel her a few times a day. It’s still pretty random, but I know I’ve got a long time to go for it to get stronger. I’m also out of breath all the freakin’ time. As Sarah put it, at least it’s because I’m pregnant.

Otherwise, life in the Trafton house is getting back to normal…just with a new, 46” HDTV to plop ourselves in at night. Although, we don’t get to relax as much as it may sound like. I started classes again and JT is back in full gear on the house. He is SO CLOSE to finishing the living room…just some paint needed! Then onto the baby room!

Is it crazy that we don’t have anything really picked out for baby yet? I know people who have their nursery planned and decorated before they even know they are pregnant (okay, exaggeration)…but it just seemed silly to start too soon. There are so many other things to do, and we have plenty of time! right? RIGHT?? How long can it take to buy/set up a crib and hang up some baby clothes? Or am I drastically underestimating the time I’ll need to do this stuff?

At any rate, I know it’ll all get done – so I’m taking my time and making sure there is as little stress as possible!

“Q: Why you breathin’ so hard??” “A:To live!” Wat kind of stupid question is that?


Sarah said...

You do still have plenty of time! Just don't wait until the last minute either! I am still totally down for a trip to Hot Mama or Babies R Us!! :D

I am so glad JT is almost done with the living room! I know you guys have put so much time and effort into that thing!!! It will look amazing when you are done! The baby room will be a piece of cake compared to the living room!
P.S. I wanna feel the baby kick! Haha!

Amie and Carson said...

Oh GAWD, don't worry too much about not having everything ready. You'll find you have a ton of time yet, and we were putting together furniture for Carson for like 2 weeks after he was home and we survived. Haha, as long as you have the necessities you'll be just fine!