Sunday, December 16, 2007

One tired mama...

The weekend was busy. On Sat morning Jeremy and I took a 'Healthy Pregnancy' class at Mercy Hospital. It is the first of 4 classes we are taking - next up is 'All About Babies'. The Healthy Pregnancy class was okay. It was pretty basic stuff that we had already read about, but it was nice to listen to someone talk about it and hear other couples ask questions.

Sat night we went to two holiday parties - and again I made it out until 1am! The first party was with Jeremy’s Dad’s side of the family – who we don’t see much. There were two little girls running around, and it was fun to watch them and watch Jeremy interact with them. He actually did – even though he claimed he didn’t know what to say/do!

The second party was the neighborhood holiday party....and boy, can our neighbors party! It was one of the first times that I actually was really disappointed I couldn't fully participate....the sake bombs were flowing but not for the preggo lady.

So Jeremy left with a bit of a stumble (sake bombs were flowing for him) and I left with a recommendation for daycare in the area.

Today we went shopping at the Mall of America. Not extremely successful…but at least we didn’t wait until next weekend! Yes, we hadn’t even started Christmas shopping before today. I’ve taken on Jeremy’s habit of waiting until the week before – but it’s always worked out in the past and it’ll work out again.

A couple of long days have left me pretty worn out. JT thinks he’s getting a cold so I’m trying to do what I can not to follow suit.

Happy week before Christmas/time off from work!

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Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a hell of a weekend! I am sure you learned a lot from your class and I am sure it was nice to hear about a good daycare place in the area. I can't believe you just started Christmas shopping! We are done and have all the gifts wrapped! We have even sent out all out Christmas cards! CRAZIES!!!