Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My baby LOVES...

......water?? Seriously, she can't get enough. We've started giving her a sippy cup at dinner with her cereal and veggies and all she wants is the water! She can't quite handle the sippy cup on her own, so if (god forbid) JT or I put it down to eat some of our own food she gets royally pissed! It is OK though, becuase it is, of course, very cute.

Other updates from the most amazing, talented and intelligent baby ever?

  • She's crawling all over the place, but prefers to "walk" using your hands for support. She is so proud of herself when she stands up (using your support).
  • She talks all the time and has added a 'nanana' to her vocabulary (which also includes mamama, bababa, dadadada, and screaming in joy).
  • Her laugh keeps getting heartier - that's the best word I can describe. There is nothing better than a good, hearty baby laugh.
  • She's eating "finger food" (gerber puffs) and loves to shove them in her mouth but hasn't quite realized how long to keep them in there. The puffs end up falling out of her mouth in a pile of mush before she can swallow, but she's working on it!
  • She is starting to mimic and remember things. If we show her something on a toy, she'll lead us towards it/crawl to it and do it herself later. Sounds so simple, but it is so amazing to experience considering a few months ago all she did was lay (lie?) and look at us.

Christmas was amazing and fun, but will be even more fun next year when she knows what is going on (and how spoiled she is).

I’ll try to get some pics up later. Just think of the cutest baby you’ve ever seen and then multiply the cuteness by 100 – that’ll be Bella right now. (And yes, I’m being this obnoxious on purpose!).

Also, we are super excited because our good friends Emily and Eric had a baby GIRL on Jan 3! This is the first other girl in the group that will be close in age to Bella. Of COURSE they will be required to be BFFs! J We welcome Madilyn Sophia and can not wait to meet her!


Sarah said...

Wow! Bella is really growing up fast!! I can't believe she does all that now. It is truely amazing. I wish I could see all this stuff! That's it! I am coming over more to see her! ;)

And yes, congrats to Eric and Emily! Can't wait to meet Madilyn!!

Jessie said...

Ben loves his sippy too. So fun! Can't believe our babies are growing up so quickly!