Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Night

I feel compelled to blog again. Go me!

First, I got called out already for my last post when I said this year was my first Mothers Day. It wasn’t. We brought Isabella home from the hospital the day before Mother’s Day last year. So that was my first. I guess this year maybe felt like my first since last year I was in a daze and not sure what the hell I was doing?

Last night was a good night. Even though I got home late and JT was at a work ‘thing’, Bella and I were able to have dinner together. Then JT came home and took her outside to play while I got some stuff done in the house. I love, love, love looking out my window and seeing Daddy and Bella having fun together. It is such the stereotypical suburban family scene and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Another thing I love is that Bella now has a ‘lovely’ with her at almost all times. Her top three are Ike the monkey, Dublin the frog, or Finely the pig. I should get pictures of her with each of them at some point. But the cutest is when she goes to bed and snuggles with one….then when we go to wake her up she is still clinging to it. It is such a common thing for a kid to do, but for whatever reason when it is YOUR kid it is just the cutest thing ever! I think it is because we’ve watched her develop from not really knowing what the heck these stuff animals were, to starting to recognize them, to picking out her favorites and then using them as comfort items.

That’s it from last night. No, I won’t be blogging daily…just when the mood hits!


Sarah said...

I didn't even notice that you said it was your first Mother's Day! That is funny! But yes, it was literally right after you had Bella, so you may have been out of it.

I love the "lovlies"! How adorable! I think I have only seen her with Ike. I hope he isn't jealous of the other two...

Jessie said...

Ben just got into his lovey the past week with a merecat Marty bought him at the zoo. I totally melt bigtime everytime he cuddles his cheek to it.