Saturday, June 6, 2009

naptime...must resitst...

It's been great how easily Bella has been going down for bed and naps lately. I was a little worried since up until about 11 months, she only napped on me or JT at home (snuggling in a chair or on the couch). I knew we were creating a bad habit but it was just so nice!

It was nice to have a reason to just sit and relax. We could watch TV while she snoozed ,read a book or even nap ourselves. Now when she goes down in her crib she'll sleep for 2-3 hours and I feel forced to be productive. Booo! What I'd really like to do is go nap myself!

Everyone is really enjoying Leinie, the kitty. I think I finally 'get it'. I get why people are 'cat people'. I even have dared to call myself one. Maybe I should give it more time, but so far I may be a convert. Yes, I even tried convincing JT that we should go back to Chetek and get his sister (and name her LuLu!). Always the reasonable one, he helped me see how that might be a little too much right now. I have to agree - even though he is small that little thing needs a lot of attention and care! Totally worth it though :)

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Sarah said...

I think I would have a cat too if I wasn't allergic. Jenny's cat Snuff is so sweet and cute. I still can't wait to meet Leinie. I will just make sure to take my allergy medication first!

You have no idea how lucky you are that Bella is so good. A lot of people have so many problems with babies/toddlers taking naps! But I would have to agree, taking a nap sounds better than being productive. ;)