Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Caved

And by ‘we’ I mean I caved. I gave the go ahead to Aunt Mara and my mom to let Bella watch a little TV during the day. So now she watches 30 min of Sesame Street with Mara and 30 min of Mickey Mouse Club (Hot dog!) with my mom...and football with Daddy on the weekends :)

I’ll admit that part of the reason I gave the OK was because it’s entertaining for me to talk to her about what she saw that day. It’s cute to ask what Elmo did today and have her dance around or see her imitate Cookie Monster shoving cookies in her mouth (which no, we still don’t let her have those!!). She knows Mickey and Minnie and loves Donald “Duh!”. It’s amazing how fast they catch on to these characters. I predict a lot of Disney/Sesame Street licensed products coming into our house for Christmas...

Also, I know it’s nice to have a little break during the day and as long as she isn’t totally addicted to the tube, I know it'll be fine.


Jessie said...

I let Ben watch 20 min of Yo Gaba Gaba maybe once a day - he's not addicted. It's a nice break, especially when I was home with him over the summer and I just needed 20 min. to myself!

Julie Renee Holland said...

I would give anything to have my kid watch tv for 20 minutes. Does that make me a bad parent? LOL