Friday, October 29, 2010

Still here..

It’s inevitable. I think I’m going to be an active blogger and then I go for a long stretch without updates. Maybe it’s because there hasn’t been anything really that interesting going on. I’m still pregnant. Bella is still cute. Our lives are plugging along.

Bella had her first real meltdown tantrum the other night where we had to resort to a punishment other than time out. I guess that was kind of a big deal. We’ve only done a handful of time outs because she usually gets it – one mention of a time out and she gets the hint. However, this time it didn’t do the trick. It was my birthday night (yay) and we had gotten home after her bed time from dinner with my family. I can’t even remember what started it (don’t the best tantrums start that way) … I think she just didn’t want to put her PJs on. All I know is that it ended up with Jeremy having to put her in time out. She wouldn’t sit. She kept saying “ok, I’ll listen!” but we told her that she still had to sit for the 2 min in time out. She kept getting up and JT kept adding 1 minute each time. By the time she got up to 8 minutes we decided we’d just put her to bed without stories/book time. That was hard. She did listen and get her PJs on (while still freaking out) but kept leaping out of bed to grab books. She kept asking for me because JT was doing most of this since she started the tantrum with him. It was hard to stand back and NOT give in when you hear your 2 yr old say “I just want Mama!”. Eventually, she calmed down enough for us to still give hugs and kisses and sing her a song and she went to bed.
It was stressful and not how I planned to end my b-day, but it worked. The next night she got her PJs on just fine and when I walked into the room she said “Mama! I’m listening!”. In fact, this entire week she’s been proud of herself for listening and doing really good.

Makes me wonder how life with #2 will go. We are lucky right now that we can bring Bella places and, for the most part, she’s well behaved. For example, we went to dinner at Famous Dave’s tonight and she couldn’t have been happier. Maybe it was because we let her eat 2 cornbread muffins and 2 pieces of corn on the cob for dinner….but the point is that she sits nicely to wait for the food and is calm. I know that with a second one at the table we may not be so lucky.

Speaking of baby – the pregnancy is going good. I actually feel better now than I did a month ago. I was having such a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable for a while. Not sure what changed, but I wake up less at night and my back doesn’t seem to hurt as much. I get really tired out walking still. All it takes is a trip from my desk to the bathroom at work and I’m out of breath. Don’t get me started on the steps in the house. Combine this with minor contractions and I’m sure Jeremy is really sick of me being out of breath and whining.

I took a reality trip to Target today. I know that I could have gone to labor already, and at 2 weeks before the due date it really could happen any time. So I stocked up some new born diapers, nursing essentials, pacifiers, and some long sleeved onesies for baby. We are lucky we can reuse Bella’s clothes for baby #2, but many are ‘off season’. I think I have about 50 short sleeved onsies, but only a few pairs of 3M pants. So I bought a few plus found a couple hoodies that we can use over the onesies. It’s just hard to buy clothes not knowing how big/little she’ll be! I know last time there were plenty of clothes that Bella never even wore because she was never the right size.

The next feat is to figure out how to fit 2 girls collection of clothes into one dresser and one closet… wish me luck!


Jessie said...

I know every kid reacts differently to a new baby, but I think she'll do just fine. She'll be older than Ben was at the time but I think she'll be great. Are you reading Big Sister books to her? I can only speak for myself but most of the big adjustment was for me and Marty. I don't think I was as mentally prepared for the shift as I could have been, but I suppose anyone could say that. My final thoughts on two for you: Your house will be MUCH more messy as baby takes attention and Bella will destroy it in the meantime, I wasn't ready for the huge shift it would do to our marriage as well in that it is even more so ALL about the kids 24/7 - it was probably out of everything one of the largest adjustments just getting used to less time to connect, you will remain really tired like this especially when you go back to work, you will empty that diaper genie EVERY day, and you will multi-task and be busy, busy, busy. But on the plus side? You will know what to do with baby, you will be more relaxed, it will be so fun to experience a new personality and experience different things with #2 that #1 maybe never did!
They'll be other stuff I know I forgot, and sorry...not trying to sound expert, but it will all turn out, and just that you are concerned is good preparation for what's to come.
Can't wait to meet her. Enjoy Bella these last few weeks. I know I got real sad afterwards realizing Ben wasn't my one and only anymore. Do some special things together and do some special things with Bella right after baby is born too - it will make her and YOU feel so much better.

Trafty said...

Thanks Jessie - you ARE an expert. You've done this before! I don't think we are REALLY prepared for the change, so it's nice to hear this stuff. And yes, I've hand many moments where I find myself really sad that it won't just be the '3 of us' anymore and feel kind of silly. Glad you understand :)

Sarah said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better than before, but I am sure it is still so uncomfortable. "I" am so ready for you to have this baby and I am sure you are too. Haha. I know you guys will do great!! I am excited and so happy for you two!