Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just plugging along

Go Vikes!

Not much is new other than the fact that Bella is growing bigger every day. It’s harder and harder to leave her/not come home to her because I don’t want to miss anything! But our days get so busy so quick – it seems like during the week there is always something that prevents either JT or I or both of us from coming home after work. The nights that both of us get home by dinner time are the best – it gives us time to play with Bella and enjoy the evening together.

Don’t get me wrong, we are usually out doing fun stuff (happy hours, dinners, Twins games, Wiffle Ball...) but nothing compares to being able to hang out with Bella and make her smile! So, if I decline and invite during the week don't be offended....I just need my Isabella fix!

The nice thing is that her nursery is pretty much DONE...I know, 8 months later...the only thing we need to do is get a new shade for the window and get the valence and pictures up. It looks so great - I'll post pictures soon. So now JT is able to focus on other things. Of course, there is always another project for him to move to. Next it will be our railings/stairs. And in between that we are going to get our basement cleaned out - it's become a dumping ground for all the 'stuff' we had to move out of what was our office and is now the nursery.

Anyone need/want a full size mattress and box spring? We have one sitting in our basement, right next to the computer, that drives me nuts! We don't have an extra room for it (our 3rd bedroom houses more random stuff but eventually will be our 'workout' room again) so it's just hanging out in the way of everything. I've never been one who hates clutter, but this is starting to get out of control. How can 2 people and a baby take up so much space?? My family grew up in a house smaller than ours and we never seemed to be cramped.

Bella's newest love is her jumper. We haven't used it a ton since we only see her for a few hours during the week (and we want her in our arms/on the floor playing with her) but she has one at Grandma and Grandpa's that she uses, too.

And yes, I am posting this at 2:30am....but this time Bella didn't wake me up. I've found that in my old age, certain beers/liquors put me to sleep for a few hours and then leave me wide awake. I think it's the sugars. So last night I enjoyed a couple of Surlys @ Palaminos after work and then a couple of Sam Adams later on... I was snoozing by 10:30, but then woke up at 1:30 and here I am. Miller Light doesn't do it to me, but damn Miller Light doesn't taste anything like Surlys' Bender!

At least it is the weekend so I'll be napping w/ Bella as the day goes on.


Jessie said...

Love the pink Vikings outfit!

Michelle said...

"My family grew up in a house smaller than ours and we never seemed to be cramped."


Kate said...

Ha! Sounds like you had a good time. :)

Sarah said...

I would want to go home to that beautiful baby too if I were you! She is so so so cute!

Good to hear the nursery is *almost* complete!!! Who cares how long it took, the important thing is that is got done, right?!

Sorry, no need for a mattress and box spring. We are lacking in the extra room department at our townhouse. Maybe if we had a house by now!!!

Bella looks like she has a lot of fun in her jumper! Can't wait to see her play in it!!!