Friday, September 5, 2008

Rolly Poly

She rolls over! From her back to her belly. It's so darn cute....and kind of odd to see this little thing that has been totally immobile able to move around by herself. Granted, she doesn't really go anywhere; but it is the first sign of independence for her....and I'm already ready to lock her up in the house and never let her leave!


Sarah said...

Hahaha you are terrible! I can't wait to see her moving around!! Just wait until she starts crawling!!! :D

Miss Jess said...

Just wait til she starts walking... then running... then driving. Ahhh!!! They grow up way too fast.

Shelly said...

Now you're in for the fun times!! Changing diapers when all they want to do is roll over as soon as you lay them down is soooooo fun!!!