Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bella bella bo bella, banana fana fo fella

mi my mo mella, BELLA!

I'm pretty sure we are going to have to get Bella a kitty at some point. Man, she loves those things. I'll wait until she is older and can fully appreciate it (especially since it'll be a sacrifice to mom, who is mildly allergic), but I feel it is inevitable. I don't know if it is normal baby behavior, but she loves all things animals. It's pretty cute when she'll 'steer' me to take her downstairs to see Scrappy. Or when we look though picture books and she'll point out the dog or cat and say "diy!". So, for now, "diy" is dog or cat. She also knows how to play w/ the cat, Milton, at Grandma and Grandpa's. She'll take the cat toys and wave them in front of Milton - or take one and crawl away, looking back to see if Milton is chasing her. So cute...I'll need to get/post some pics.

You didn't know that my child is a genius? Oh, well now you do.

She loves black she is asking for "more" (the sign is putting your fingers together and moving them together and apart). She hasn't quite mastered the sign yet, but she is getting there. We have to work on the 'all done' sign next. I know they say babies aren't supposed to over stuff themselves, but I swear that some nights this girl eats more for dinner than I do!

She has an outtie belly button just like her daddy :)

Swimming was fun - but I think it was more fun for Mom and Dad. I don't think she quite knew what was going on. I was too nervous to take her out and hold her in the water, so we left her in her floatie for most of the time.

More teeth are coming in to add up to 6. We need to be better at the brushing routine. She loves it, which is a little bit of a problem since it can take 10 minutes by the time she is done playing w/ the toothbrush. It's fun to see her try to figure out how to do it herself, though. I think she is starting to do that with spoons, too. She just needs to realize that once she puts it in her mouth she has to take it out again...not just sit and chew on it.


Sarah said...

I wish I could have a kitty! I adore Jenny's cat Snuff. But if I hold her for longer than 15 minutes I start to get all stuffed up. So no cats in my future. :(
Maybe Tipo can be practice! You can see how she acts with him and then you will know if she is ready for a pet or not.

She is getting so big!! Stop growing so fast Bella!!!!

Miss Jess said...

Get a kitty... some of my greatest memories growing up involve Stanley and Olly (my kitties growing up) I'll even help you pick out the perfect one! Go to the Humane Society... there are so many unwanted kitties there and all of the donations go to the humane society to help other animals in need. Tear. I need to get a kitty myself. I'm dying not having one. Wah.