Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just plugging along...

The only updates are that my belly is getting bigger and bigger and she is moving more/kicking harder and harder. I feel like we are almost in the home stretch, which is kind of scary considering we don’t have a nursery, registry, or any other ‘ry’ ready to go yet. But after my next Dr Appt (on 3/3) I start going for appts. every two weeks instead of monthly. That just seems like they are keeping too close of an eye on me…as if she could come and any moment!

However, I’m not panicking because we are slowly but surely getting there. Even though we did nothing this past weekend. Instead, JT planned a nice relaxing weekend where we just had fun – no schedules, no work. We felt like it’d be a good thing to do before baby comes. So we went to Como Zoo (the baby Orangutan wasn’t on display….. boo!) and walked Grand Ave in St Paul. Then we stayed downtown St Paul for the night and went swimming and watched cable (I miss HGTV). It was very nice and I give kudos to JT for planning it all (but he’s always been good at that stuff).

So now that we had our ‘babymoon’ (JT’s word, not mine!! I don’t get why it happened before the baby and not after.) we will be ready to work this weekend. I plan for us to register somewhere (probably Target) on Friday night. And JT will work on the nursery this weekend. Other than that, I’m looking forward to my showers that everyone seems to be working hard on (Thanks Mel/Mom and JT’s Aunt Nancy!).

Oh, my manager just announced that she pregnant too. She’s due at the end of Aug. So I’ll be back at work for a month and then she’ll leave….so that’ll be interesting.

That’s all the news fit to type about.

Also, Sarah gets to go to Hawaii tomorrow so I’m allowed to call her a brat today. :P


Jessie said...

I want a babymoon!

Sarah said...

Oh how exciting to go register!! I can't wait to see it when I get home from Hawaii. (Just had to rub that in a little bit!) You guys totally deserved a relaxing weekend before you get down to business now. Don't worry, everything will get done on time or close to on time!!