Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Time to spend some money....

Jeremy and I went baby shopping last night. Honestly, we had only been out once before really looking at things and got really overwhelmed. This time was better, but still overwhelming.

Here’s our thoughts:

Nursery Décor – We went to Babys ‘R’ Us, Target and even…wait for it…WalMart (I know, but we were desperate) and I wasn’t overly impressed with selections. I know that I can shop online, but I really don’t like purchasing from the internet. I’d rather be able to see and touch something before I decide to buy it.

However, Babies R Us did have a few options. I was pretty excited because browsing on their site they had hundreds of options! One of which I fell in love with. I won’t even share it because it doesn’t matter anymore. They only had about 20 options in-store and my fave wasn’t one of them.

Anyway, we found two that we like. I’ll admit…they are more ‘girly’ than I thought I’d go for. But they are so darn cute!! And we could still do the green walls.

Gossimer Wings

Lookat the little bugs!!! Jeremy really likes the colors in this one too.

Jungle Luv

This one falls into the jungle/animal theme I really like, but it sure is a lot of pink…

Anyway, the only issue we have with these is that the 6-piece set is really the only option. But all I really need/want is the sheets, quilt and bumper (although our baby classes told us not to use bumpers…oh well). I don’t need a valance, diaper thingy, and dust ruffle. But it’s all or nothing with these sets.


We peeked at Baby’s R Us for strollers and carseats…but damn, they just have so many. So we headed to Target and found a combo stroller that seems nice (it doesn’t hurt that it’s on sale this week, either) – I guess it’s called a Travel System. Basically the carseat attaches to the stroller and has a handle. So we could click the carseat in the stroller or take it with us as a carry along. We’d just need to get 2 bases for our cars.


The issue with cribs is that the ones at Babys R Us seem so pricey, but you can’t really look at the ones at Target. They just have stupid sample ones out that aren’t even the full crib. And they all had this stupid changing table dresser that ATTACHES to the crib. We didn’t like that. So moral of the story is… I think it’s going to be tough for us to find a crib and matching dresser/changing table.

There were plenty out there – any of which would probably be fine. I like the ones that are triple threats – bassinet, changing table and playpen.

What else do we need? We figured a highchair can wait a little bit…the baby won’t go in one until they can sit up…right? What else?


Jessie said...

I know what you mean about being overwhelmed. Marty and I go into Babies R Us and just feel lost like we need a tour guide. The decisions feel so big so it is terribly daunting.

Sarah said...

Okay, I did like your original choice the best, but I do also love the bug Nursery set. That one is my second choice and I know how much my opinion matters to you. :)

I love the stroller/car seat! That is awesome. Great find! That sucks the Target doesn't have the entire crib up. That makes things difficult. But a changing table that attaches to the crib? Weird. Good luck finding a matching crib and changing table!

I honestly can't think of anything else to add here. You have to save stuff for your baby shower you know! :D

Amie and Carson said...

Hi!!! We got the combo crib from Target and we LOVE it! If you want to come check it out you can! Totally affordable and It's fantasitc!! :)