Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nursery Deconstruction!

Before (after Scrappy was re-located downstairs)


Yup, our ceiling is now on our floor. Here's what JT is going to do (in 60 days):

- Finish taking off the ugly popcorn ceiling /scraping the walls
- Mud/fix dry walls and ceiling
- Sand
- Mud
- Sand
- Mud
- Sand
- Prime
- Paint
- Put up new trim
- Put in new carpet (yay! We think the carpet in there was original to the 25 yrs old. Ick)
- Put new shelving in the closet

It seems like a lot – well, it is a lot -especially since he really only has time to work on it on weekends. But, I have faith in him. And although I get a little antsy to see results right away, I know all the prep will be worth it. To prove it, I’ll post some dining room and living room before/after pics soon.

We also finally registered at Target this weekend. It was fun, but we still have some items to add. We’ll head to Babies R Us, too, just to see what they have. We’ll probably register for our bedding there but I’m not sure what else. Target had the main items (car seat, stroller, etc) that were fine for us.
Also, JT grilled tonight. It kicked ass. Hurry up, Spring!!


Jessie said...

Fun! What color are you going with for paint?

Sarah said...

Cripes that does seem like a lot of stuff to do!! But I am sure JT will get it done. Even if it isn't ALL done by the time baby comes, at least MOST of it will be done. I am sure it will look amazing by the time you guys are all done! I am excited!!!