Thursday, March 6, 2008

Random Updates

I went to the Dr on Monday and all is ‘normal’. It still seems surreal to me that I’ve been so ‘normal’ my entire pregnancy. No real morning sickness (or any sickness), no intense cravings, I haven’t really been bloated….that’s not ‘normal’ is it? But I guess I’ll take it.

I also didn’t gain any weight since last month! Hard to believe, but good since I’ve been gaining a little more than what I want to (more than what is ‘normal’…so I guess there is one thing that is abnormal). I’ve been trying harder, though – I think reality is hitting that in 2 months I’ll be working to lose weight again rather than just eating what I want.

I’ll start going to the Dr every 2 weeks now. Which means it is getting CLOSE! She also showed me where Baby T’s head was and her back – she’s already facing downwards which the Dr said was ‘normal and good’.

Otherwise, JT and I have pretty much finished registering. He didn’t get to work in the nursery this past weekend because he helped his brother move on Sat and Sun he was out of commission w/ a cold (which I now have…). This weekend we go to a baby class at Mercy where we’ll get the details on ‘the big day’ – what to expect, a tour of the hospital, etc. But hopefully he’ll be able to make some progress on Sunday.

So the strangest thing that’s happened in a while: Last night I woke up about 2 hours after going to bed and I was FREEZING. Literally shaking. Our heat wasn’t any different than it normally was and I had all the blankets on, but I couldn’t warm up. JT compared me to Rags (parent’s dog…old dog now? ? ) when fireworks are going off. It was bizarre and a little scary – but we took my temp and it was normal. I also had really, really bad heartburn to where I thought I was going to puke. But eventually I warmed up enough to fall asleep. Again, I thought pregnant ladies were supposed to be hot all the time… so this is where I’m abnormal, too?

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Sarah said...

You never told me about your "cold" episode! Man we are getting out of touch these days. Me no likey. I would be pretty happy if I had a pregnancy as smooth as yours! You are so lucky! Some women go through hell!! You know who I am talking about......

And yay for getting almost all registered! And yippee for not gaining any extra weight! :D