Sunday, March 30, 2008

JT has made such great progress in baby's room. The walls look great (all patched and sanded) and I love the flat ceiling (vs popcorn) – this is what we are doing to the entire house. He should be ready to paint next weekend. The tough part is that work is really busy for him right now, so not only is there no time to do anything after work (never is!) but he may have to work this coming weekend. But, he’s confident he can get the primer on the walls and ceiling, let that dry for a week, then paint the following weekend. Then it’s just trim, which JT will do himself, and carpet which we’ll have installed. So overall, the room is 'due' to be finished at the same time as her!

That means we’ll be picking out the crib and dresser soon. I just haven’t been motivated to do it since it’d just be sitting in our basement – which is already getting way to cluttered.

And yes, I am aware she can come at any time now!! This is why I'm getting a little antsy since I'm not able to get things set up for her/hang up her clothes...but I'll survive. I’m technically ½ though my 36th week. I go in for another appt tomorrow morning, so we’ll see if there has been any ‘progress’. Lets hope not – we definitely want to keep her in there for a few more weeks!

I started filling in her baby book that my Mom bought us. It turned out to be an all day project (with a couple hours for napping thrown in) but the first section is done! I put the photo printer I got for my birthday to work and am very satisfied.

Now I’m looking up how to make valances. Since we can’t really find anything we like in stores, I need to decide if I’m domestic enough to figure out how to sew.

Also, my feet getting to ‘hippo’ status and the cankles are coming in. This weekend is the first time I’ve been swollen enough to be uncomfortable…so I wish warm weather would hurry up so I can go sockless!


Jessie said...

I just started attempting to sew this past summer. It's fun! You should give it a shot!

Miss Jess said...

I'm domestically disabled when it comes to anything having to do with sewing, cooking etc... but I rock the house in cleaning and organizing! Good luck with your sewing project if you choose to go forward with that!

Sarah said...

YIPPEE! I am soooo glad to hear JT is getting there with the baby room. Don't worry, it will get done! I have faith in JT! It is going to look great! I am super excited to see the final result, that is if you let me come over.

Sorry that you are getting all swollen everywhere! But that won't last forever! Just a few more weeks! CRAZY RIGHT?!

P.S. I want to see the baby book.

Sarah said...
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