Friday, April 4, 2008

Good news and not great news

This summer, I'll be completing my FINAL class at Metro State before officially having a degree in Communication and Cultural Studies! But that's not even the good news. Before registering, I had hoped that the class would be offered online (as it had in the past) so I could easily complete it while staying home with Baby T. Unfortunately, no such luck - when the class lists were posted it was only offered Wed nights in St Paul starting 5/7.

This made me nervous since that could be just a week after Baby T was born. Not that I don't trust JT, but the whole feeding thing might get messed up if I have to leave for 3-4 hours (it's recommended to wait at least 3- weeks before giving a baby a bottle to ensure they get used to the other way first). But, we were going to have to make it work.

The good news? I was online last night paying my tuition and decided to check 'just in case' they added an online class to the Summer session....lo and behold they had!!! So I was able to switch and now I will be able to complete my final class completely at home. It sounds minor, but now that it's 'solved' I realize how nervous/stressed out coordinating our Wed night schedules was making me.

The not great news? JT is so busy at work (it's an important time for the financial world at Honeywell, I guess) that he didn't get home until 10:00 on Wed and not until 10:30 last night...and he'll probably have to work just as late tonight and during the day on Sat! Now, of course I'm concerned about him and the fact that he has no time to relax - but it doesn't help that he feels guilty/stressed about working on the baby nursery too. I’m trying hard not to contribute to those feelings, especially since I know it’s not just him choosing to work late. His entire team is going though this right now.

I told him it'd be ok if he just took Sunday to relax and we could run some errands, maybe put together the Pack & Play and install the carseat rather than have him do all that 'manual labor' in the room. But he's set on at least starting to paint (prime) on Sunday. This is after doing 'touch ups' to the mudding. So in other words, I'm conflicted because I want this nursery done but I want him to be able to relax a bit too! We'll just see how the weekend goes – in the end I know everything always works out. I’m done stressing about the room too much. She’ll be in our room (but not our bed!!) for quite a while, anyway, so the nursery will really just be there to store her stuff and look cute for a while.

Another bummer is that we're missing out on a good friend's b-day celebration tonight because he'll probably have to work late. And I've realized that I don't really do too well in bars/restaurants that don't let pregnant ladies take off their shoes and lie down with their boppy pillow to relax their back. As far as I know, there aren't any bars or restaurants like that around here….so I'm not really motivated to go out by myself tonight.

Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But I almost had to leave Applebees in the middle of dinner with friends on Wednesday because I thought my back was going to break (waaa, feel sorry for me!!).

I'm done rambling. That's all that is new, anyway. Other than the fact that I'm too swollen to wear my wedding ring (although I made it 37 weeks, not bad!) and my shoes don't fit anymore (even without socks). Oh yeah, those cankles are in full effect now.
So the upside to all my pregnant ladies that will have to suffer though the summer months – at least you get to look forward to sandals and flip flops!


Miss Jess said...

Maybe my million dollar idea is to have a restuarant/ hang out place for pregnant ladies to come and relax in their sweats and boppy pillows. HA! Things will work out, they always do. You are officially down to days now! Eeeek!

Jessie said...

You'll have to take a picture of your cankles...I know I will when it comes...

Sarah said...

Oh man Mandy, you have no idea how happy I am that you don't have to go to St. Paul for that class anymore. That is the greatest news ever! That relieves a ton of stress on you I am sure!!

I wish that this whole financial thing at Honeywell could have come at a different time. It is like the world is against JT right now! He will get it finished. Maybe not in time, but it waill get done and BT will love it!

And don't worry about missing out on stuff. You are almost 9 months pregnant! Everyone understands that you may not be able to make it to stuff these days. But we will all see you on Saturday. I am so excited!

I wanna see those cankles! KIDDING!