Monday, March 17, 2008

34 weeks and all is good

The Dr appt went well today. I was lucky I even had my appt. I got a call in the morning that the clinic’s power went out so all appts were canceled. I was pretty frustrated as I’ve been waiting for this one and know my Dr is only available on Mondays and Thursdays. But, by the time I got though to someone to reschedule my appt (yes, I had to call someone else to do this) the power was back on and they said my Dr would come in for me today!

Turns out she literally came in JUST for me. ha! But I think I made it clear to whoever I talked with on the phone that I didn’t want to wait until Thurs. She probably didn't want to mess with the preggo chick.

However, all is fine. Nothing is really going on in there – the scare last week was something unrelated to baby. Baby T’s heartbeat is 145, and my belly is still 43.5 inches, I gained 2 lbs, but I can deal with that. Also, the past few days Baby T has been moving like crazy - I can feel her foot/hand roll across the inside of my tummy. Creepy at first, kind of cool now.

After the appt JT and I went to Culvers and had a wonderful lunch of chicken salads (me), butterburgers (him) and malts (both!).

So overall, it was an OK morning.


Amie and Carson said...

Wow, it feels like just yesterday I was hearing that you were preggo and now you're almost to the end!!

Sarah said...

What a relief! I am so glad it wasn't a problem with BT! Now we can rest easy. I like how I say "we" like she is "our" baby. Ok psycho Sarah. Haha.

Now I want Culvers. You are evil.