Monday, March 10, 2008

Jixed myself...

Of course a week after I blog about being normal, I have to make my first call to Labor & Delivery and then to my Doctor. I wasn't going to blog about it, but I guess I should share the bad w/ the good.

I won't give you all the TMI details (think red and watery), but L&D told me yesterday to relax and make sure I could feel the baby move. I did and I could. I didn't experience it again and didn't feel any contractions either. So they said it 'probably wasn't my water breaking'. Great. Thanks.

This morning 'it' happened again - so I FINALLY got in touch with my doctor (apparently no one waltzes into the office until after 8:30) and someone called me back 3 hours later. Initially the nurse seemed concerned that it was my water breaking, but then after talking with my Dr didn't seem concerned enough to get me in to get checked out. They said I could come in "if I wanted" but the Dr. was okay waiting for my already scheduled appt next Monday.

I decide I might as well go in since my morning was shot and I wasn't going to work anyway, so I call to make an appt. and am told my Doctor is "booked for the day and leaving at 12:30". Forget it!

Overall I'm sure I'm fine. If I did go into labor it wouldn't be the best since I'm only 33 weeks, but they could stop it (probably). Otherwise, I haven't felt anything else all day other than Baby T kicking/somersaulting away.

Honestly, I think she’s toying with us because we completed our ‘Childbirth Prep’ class on Sat where they go though all the signs of early labor and when to call the Dr. She was testing me to ensure I called!

On that note, we toured the 4th floor of Mercy Hospital where the L&D department is. We saw 4 tiiiny babies in the nursery and seeing one of the actual rooms where they have you deliver only freaked me out a little bit. Overall, it was good.
They seriously did teach us the ‘he he he he he, hoooo’ breathing technique.

To end, here are some updated belly pics… @ 33 weeks.... I have the classic 'no makeup/exhausted looking' pregnant lady style going on even though I swear I had some on/wasn’t counting down the minutes until 9:00 (and what I've deemed a respectable bedtime).


Jessie said...

Glad you and baby are alright!

Miss Jess said...

OMG!!! Glad you and Baby are ok

Miss Jess said...

OMG!!! Glad you and Baby are ok

Sarah said...

I am also glad you are okay. I got to be there with you while you waited for the damn Dr. to call you back. What a bunch of bull. What if it was a real emergency? That bugged me a lot. But maybe it was BT just messing around. She takes after her mommy already. <3

P.S. I am starting to feel like the only time I see you is when you post pics on here. :(

Amie and Carson said...

You are looking FAB!! Glad everything is ok!