Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boppy Love

Early on in my pregnancy, my mom bought me a Boppy Body Pillow. I haven’t used it much as I haven’t really been that uncomfortable laying down. As I’ve gotten bigger, I have been waking up more at night to flip around/readjust…but nothing like last night. I couldn’t fall asleep because I couldn’t get comfortable. Well, BBP to the rescue!! Immediately I was totally comfortable and only woke up ONCE in the night. I think I got the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long, long time. So thank you, Boppy Body Pillow and Mom. I can now fully appreciate the necessity of this – even if I am in my last few weeks.

I had a shower this weekend and was totally spoiled. JT’s aunt’s (4 of them) put it on and there were a total of 25 people there. It was all his side of the family except my mom. I have another ‘my side’ and friends shower in a few weeks. It’s always a little awkward being center of attention, but it was fun. Most importantly, we got some of the basics for Baby T – like a car seat so we can actually bring her home from the hospital. Minor detail ? Baby T also got so many cute outfits!

The nursery is progressing – I think JT will be ready to paint next weekend. We’ve decided on green for the walls but don’t have anything final for the décor. I may have already mentioned that we decided to nix the $170 ‘crib/nursery sets’. They are so darn cute, but not really necessary. First, we won’t use the crib bumper or the quilt (they aren’t ‘safe’ for baby), we don’t need a diaper holder (or do we?), the sheets are fine but I can imagine we’d need a few sets anyway (so why not buy a bunch of cheaper sets?)…so the crib skirt and valance are the only things we’d really use. Instead, I’ll see if I am handy enough to make a crib skirt/valance or recruit someone to do it for me.

For the rest of the décor we’ve been looking at clearance Easter stuff to do a bunny/baby animal “theme”. I use the term “theme” lightly because I don’t want to go overboard with anything.

Otherwise, things are going pretty OK. Baby T isn’t moving as much – but when she does she moves HARD. To the point where I yelp – but I still like it. It’s fun when she turns around and I can feel her adjusting for a while. Alright, if I would have read that 10 months ago I would have been freaked out at the thought of something ‘adjusting’ in my belly. So I’ll stop there.


Amie and Carson said...

So glad to hear you're doing well. I lived with my body pillow from about 20 weeks on!! I can't believe you hadn't discovered the joy yet!! Haha! :)

Miss Jess said...

I may need to get a boppy too. I heart pillows. In fact, I think I have like 10 pillows on my bed right now, and yes I do sleep with all of them!

Sarah said...

Ok, so I thought Boppy's were for the baby? The one you are talking about must be a bigger one. Not the little like half circle pillow that baby can lay in. That is what I was thinking, but I dont' know if that is possible! Haha!
But yes, glad to know you are doing good.

I am super excited for the shower! I can't wait. You are going to get even more stuff and you won't feel like you don't have anything anymore. But it is good you got the carseat to bring her home in.....

I don't think it is creepy that she adjusts herself. I think that is probably one of the coolest things in the world to feel. If only she would cooperate and move when my hand is on your belly!!