Tuesday, August 19, 2008


And a surprise it sure was!

Staged pic (duh)- no camera when we arrived

This past Saturday night, my husband threw me a surprise graduation party! He did great. I had absolutely no clue. Turns out he's been planning for months. I thought we were going to dinner with his cousin and her wife; his parents were going to watch Bella. Sounds normal, right?

We pull into his parents driveway to drop off Isabella and I notice:

1) my friend Jessica's car in the street (along with many others, but Jessica's stood out - or could it have been a friend of his sister's that had the same car?)

2) my sister and her husband creeping into the back yard (WTF would they be at my in-law's??) and

3) a guy I'd never met in the garage under a 'Congratulations Graduate' banner (he was JT's uncle's new wife's son that i never met...got that?)

I don't even know what was going though my mind...then we get out of the car and my friends and family start streaming into the garage! I started crying I was so overwhelmed! It was fantastic - I had no clue and so many people came! Even family from out of town! JT did an amazing job.

he's a sneaky one!

The night was so fun. We played yard games, drank from the keg (no keg stands, though), I clobbered a pinata, we played flippy cup, and...

First a shot - then pinata time

Isabella had her first sleep over at my parent's house! JT and I crashed at his parent's house (in his old room...weird). It was both relaxing and lonely to wake up and not have our Bella Baby there with us.

Bella and her friend, Milton

So, thank you to everyone who came. Thank you to everyone who couldn't came but wished me well. I am an official graduate with a Communications and Cultural Arts degree from Metro State. It only took me 8 years (with a 2 year break in there) but I'm satisfied. After getting my AA degree from North Hennepin, I'm glad I took the time to figure out what I wanted to study/what the right school was so I didn't waste time and money on something that wasn't beneficial to me.

All I know is that after this weekend I feel like a very lucky girl! :)


Miss Jess said...

You are a lucky girl! Glad you enjoyed your party!

Jessie said...

And you even matched your party - wow!

Sarah said...

I am so glad you were surprised!!!! You have no idea how hard it was for me to keep my mouth shut for so long! I almost slipped so many times!!! CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!