Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's been going on?

As I stated before, I'm back at work now. The transition wasn't as tough as I expected...but still hard. It helps a ton that Isabella is able to be with family during the day (my mom and JT's older sister) rather than having her in daycare.

I know there are plenty of great daycare options out there, but it is just more comforting to know that my baby is getting the one-on-one attention and love she deserves!

What do I miss about my maternity leave? How about all the game shows I got hooked on - of course there is the Price is Right, but Temptation and Family Feud became staples during the day.

I'll also miss being able to pack up Isabella and take her where I want, when I want. For example, we took several trips to Arbor Lakes just to wander around.

I'll miss the parenting group that I attended some Mondays and every Thursday. At first, I thought it would be 'lame' - but it ended up being a great option for getting out of the house stress free. No one cares if your kid cries, needs to eat, needs to be changed, etc. I'm so glad I went and recommend it to every other new mom.

What will I miss the most?

My Bella Baby, of course!! Now JT and I have to 'fight' for her cuddle time at night since I need my fix, too!

Other updates:

As everyone probably knows, since I emailed the entire world about it, Isabella won a promotional modeling contest. We won a $200 Giftcard to a baby shop in Maple Grove and another 'photoshoot' for Isabella. The store will then choose a few pics to use in their promotional materials. I totally did it just for fun/something to do - so no, Bella will not be appearing in Target ads anytime soon

She rolled over!! The first time was for my mom during the day, then she did it again for me that evening. JT still hasn't seen it, and you wouldn't think it's that big of a deal...but seeing your baby flip over by themselves is a big thing when you are used to them being totally stationary!

Much better at tummy time, now!

SHE GIGGLED!!!! A real giggle - not a "wait, was that a giggle?" giggle. It was at JT last night. He was playing with her and she busted it out. It was so damn cute. I grabbed the video camera like a frantic lunatic but didn't catch another one. That's Ok, I'll take the one for now.

We took her back up to the cabin and again got 'sucked' in for 2 nights when we swore we'd only stay one! We had to go to Wal Mart (shudder) to get her diapers and everything. We found out she only enjoys looking at the lake, not being put into it. She also got to meet some animals at the Sterns County Fair.

She got to hang out with the girls at Crystal's baby shower this past weekend, too. And then she got to hang out with the entire family - extended in all ways possible (Pete's family, Jessica's family, etc) at Andy's new house. It was a fun weekend!

If you ever need a fix, check out my Flickr page - I try to keep it up to date .

And to end, I have to say that I can not believe she is 3 months old!! I already find myself saying things like 'I remember when she was little/tiny/younger...' I don't know how I'm going to handle it when we start getting into 'years' instead of months'!


Miss Jess said...

I can't believe she is 3 months old. Time truly does fly the older you get. Sigh.

Jessie said...

Glad to know going back to work is going smoothly - it gives me hope!

Sarah said...

I am so glad you didn't have to send her to daycare. I imagine it is so much easier than giving her to people you don't know.

I also used to be hooked on game shows when I worked 3rd shift! I feel your pain!!!

I so want to hear her giggle. That has to be the best sound in the world! I also can't wait to see her roll over and other things. She is growing up so fast and she is only at 3 months!!!