Monday, November 24, 2008

Apparently she didn’t like my cooking

After several days of trial and error (mostly error), I’ve seemed to have success with squash and bananas mixed in oatmeal (but not both the same time!). One of the mom’s I met at parenting group suggested I try store bought food first, and sure enough she is taking to it much better than my ‘cooking’.

I’ll give her another week or so of Gerber, then try making her food again. I won’t be heartbroken if she doesn’t take to it. I was doing it mostly because it sounded cheaper and somewhat easier in the long run.

Otherwise, not too much new to report in the world of Bella. As I type she is in her jumper squeezing out a ‘present’ as Grandma and Grandpa would call it. I’d better change her diaper before we make a mess. Lovely visual to leave you with, right? To make up for it, I’ll include some cute pictures here….


Terrifying her friend Jonah

New favorite

Who is this?

Hey, she's cute!


Miss Jess said...

I love the first pic... so chubby and cute! All of them are cute but #1 is my fav!

Sarah said...

I think she will eventually get into your homemade food. She just needs some time. And hey, if it doesn't work out, at least you have the option of Gerber baby food.

The pics were adorable as usual!!