Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's not all doom and gloom

Since my last two posts weren't the most positive, I wanted to clarify that things are going pretty well otherwise.
Isabella is smiling/cooing/talking more and more everyday. She especially loves talking to Daddy! I swear when he gets home from work that girl rambles on and on. :)

This weekend we will be taking Isabella to Jeremy's parent's cabin in Sauk Centre for one night. It is only an hour and a half drive, so hopefully she'll be OK in the car that long. It'll be interesting to see how she does out of her environment. Hopefully we can do some relaxing!

The past weekend and week flew by. Jeremy went a friend's cabin Sat night, so Isabella and I invaded my parent's house/time for the night. My parents watched her at our house/put her to bed while I got a nice, long relaxing bath. It relives me to know that 'other' people can put her to bed. I know some babies can get fussy and only want mom or dad to do it.

Hope everyone has a fun 4th!

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Sarah said...

Ha! We know that there are good times too! You are too funny. I hope you and JT do get to relax at the cabin.

I want to see Isabella again! I think she must just be adorable when she chats!