Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quick Update

4th of July Outfit + Pig Bracelet

Isabella's first 4th of July was a success. We spent Fri and Sat night at the Trafton cabin w/ the whole family + (Great) Uncle Mark and Aunt Tracy. We were only going to stay Fri night, but Isabella was having such a good time and the weather was so nice we decided to stay.

I'll also admit that it was nice for mom to have so many people paying attention to her so I could sneak off into the sun and the water! By the end of the weekend I ended up missing my little girl, even though she was there with me! But, I figure the family should get their cuddle time in since I'm fortunate enough to have her every day.

Center of attention

This week it is my goal to find more daycare options. It just seems that there is no one available - we've only had 2 people to visit since April!! I'm confident something will work out, though. Wish me luck!


Jessie said...

Searching for daycares is such a chore - blah.

Miss Jess said...

I love the chubby arms. So cute.

Sarah said...

I am so glad you guys had such a great 4th! Even though we missed you!

I really hope you find a daycare you are comfortable with. I know that it must be so hard for you guys. Good luck!!