Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bloody nose #1

Today marked the day of Bella's first bloody nose. I'm sure there will be many to follow if she's anything like her dad. Bella was running around being goofy with Dada (which may or may not have included JT hopping around with bunny ears on), jumped up on the couch and promptly proceeded to smash her face into the arm of the couch. Poor thing!

After several minutes of holding a Kleenex to it and a few stories later (to keep her distracted while we held the Kleenex), it was all better and she was pretty excited that there was blood on her face and hand.

This, of course, was only about an hour after she knocked her forehead on a chair while playing 'all around the mulberry bush' around our dining room table. When did my calm little girl turn into this rambunctious toddler?!

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Jessie said...

Ben got one a month or more ago and it was hard as he didn't understand why he was bleeding and it freaked him out so holding him down sort of while trying to hold kleenex on him sucked.