Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How is it possible to have writers block when you are writing about your life?

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, yet I don’t even know what to blog about. Obviously stuff happens everyday, but maybe it’s lack of energy that is preventing me from actually documenting anything.

I’ll start with the pregnancy. I’ve been feeling better now that I’m in my second trimester (17 weeks as of today!), but still tired as all hell. Not sleepy tired, but just no-energy tired. I feel bad because mowing the lawn used to be my thing (and I really do enjoy it), but I just couldn’t bring myself to have the energy to do it this weekend. That means JT had to spend an hour mowing when he could have been inside working on our bathroom/the million other house things he has to do because I’m not capable of doing them. That sounds really negative, but there are so many home improvement or maintenance projects that have to get done and I feel like I can’t do any of them. So I clean, mow the lawn, etc since that’s what I can do. ANYWAY, the point is that my lack of energy means that there is even more on JT’s plate which makes me feel guilty. But, such is life and it’ll all get done….eventually….RIGHT?

The exciting news is that we have our ultrasound scheduled for June 16! I “get” to have it 2 weeks earlier than last time due to minor complications (really minor). Dr isn’t concerned about anything but said I should try to schedule the ultrasound closer to 18 weeks than 20 weeks. She didn’t have to tell me twice! I can’t wait to see baby and find out the sex. And yes, of course we’ll be sharing (just not the name again).

Bella has been as entertaining and challenging as usual. I say challenging only because she’s become much more vocal and independent. My newest favorite is when she tells us she’s “FINE”. As in “Bella, are you doing OK back there?” “Yes, I’m FINE!” or “Bella, do you need a new diaper on?” “No, my diaper is FINE!”. And she says it with that conviction, too. It’s a preview of the sassy teenage (or pre-teen) years.

It seems giving her choices still works well, though, thank goodness. Usually it’s asking her if she wants Mama or Dada to do something since it’s not her choice IF we do something (put on PJs, brush teeth, change diapers, etc). Or just flat out deception works too. For example, telling her that I’m putting a bow in her hair but really putting in a clip (which works much better).

We found a nest with eggs in a tree out front a few weeks ago, and when we checked this weekend the eggs had hatched! I think I might be more excited than Bella,but it’s cute to hear her tell people about how it happened that there were “eggs in nest, cracked, now baby birds!”.

Bella is still really snuggly which I love. She likes to hold hands (even when sitting and eating or reading books) and will just come up and hug my legs and coo. Cooing is the only way I can think to describe it, but when she’s being cuddly with either a person or a stuffed animal she’ll make a sound like “oooo” in a sweet little voice. The cutest is when she sees a stuffed animal and says “oh, come here baby bunny…little baby bunny…oooo”. I don’t know where she picked this up from, but we must have made sounds like that when talking about baby animals (and they are so cute, how can you not coo about them?! ).

As you may have noticed, she has started referring to herself as “I” or her things as “my” more. She still uses “You” but will mix it up. So she’ll say things like “I’m ready!” “I need my mama” “ I want that”. But if we ask who did something or who said something (and it was her), she’ll answer “you”. So she just can’t get the “I did” or “me!” concept yet, but we’re getting there!

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