Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

One of my Facebook “friends” suggested that there shouldn’t be Fathers Day and Mothers Day, but just one Parents day. Um, no. I want MY day to be indulged/spoiled and I don’t want to share it with Jeremy! On the flip side, it was fun to force Jeremy to make all the decision yesterday regarding what to do. You’d think he was being asked to decide which child to save from the hungry Ligar. Jeremy is so easy going and is usually up for anything that I end up making a lot of decisions (where to go to dinner, social plans, etc) and trust he’ll tell me if he doesn’t want to do something.

So with a little persuasion he decided he wanted to go the beach yesterday. It was a perfect day for it. Bella was excited to reenact one of her favorite books and we all got some much needed sun and relaxation. Then it was onto the always challenging “what do you want for lunch” decision. After 30 minutes of debate, we ended up at Culvers. No other real significance here other than the fact that it took him way too long to accept the fact that I wasn’t giving him my opinion or helping sway his decision on that one at all.

I swear Bella got the ‘Fathers Day’ concept yesterday as her and Jeremy were inseparable. Lately pendulum of needing Mama all.the.time is swinging back towards the middle and she’s been much more attached to Dada lately. But yesterday was Dada to the extreme. She wouldn’t leave his side and cuddled with him every chance she got. I loved it. And got a little jealous. But hey, it was his day.

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