Friday, June 18, 2010

Things that Bella does that I love right now -

She calls her toes ‘piggies’ no matter what. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard her say the word ‘toes’. And she’ll usually follow up a reference to her piggies with some adorable squealing to prove they really ARE pigs

She picked up “hey, hey!” from somewhere. Not the Monkee’s either. She’ll use it like this “Hey, Hey Mama – that’s my toy!” “Hey, Hey Lyly come here for a kiss”.

In the ECFE playtime classes we attended this winter the night always ended with the ‘good bye song’ (“Goooooodbye friends, goooodbye friends, goodbye friends – we’ll see you all sometime!”). She’ll now use it when saying goodbye to anyone – which is cute but also draws out the goodbye as it’s kind of a slow song. For example, if we are leaving Nana and Papa’s house it’s “Goooooodbye Nana, Papa, MoMo, Auntie Lissa, Mil-mil… (anyone and everyone who is there), goooodbye Nana, Papa, MoMo, Auntie Lissa, Mil-mil…”and so on until the song ends. Or until she screws up and has to start over. Y esterday Dada got this goodbye “Goooooodbye Dada, goooodbye Dada, godbye Dada – we’ll see sometime”. She does it all with a slow hand wave that makes it oh-so-adorable.

Everything is her “FAVORITE”. “Apples are my FAVORITE” “Peaches are my FAVORITE. I eat in a bowl and drink the juice ALLLLL UP”. Mostly it refers to food but at her last Dr’s appt she swore the Spiderman sticker she got was her favorite even though we’ve never talked about Spiderman ever. She thought he was a robot.

For a while she’s aked to do things “in a couple minutes” but now she starting to ask to do things for “just 1 minute”. The other day she wanted to watch The Wiggles after dinner. I told her no (because we never watch TV after dinner) and she came to me with a pleading look in her eyes “Watch Wiggles just 1 minute!” complete with holding 1 finger up (FYI, I didn’t cave in). It could also turn into “Just 1 more time” as in “Play with Leggos just 1 more time!” or “Go to Grandma’s just 1 more time!"

For her birthday, she got a bunch of rubber duckies to play with in the tub. Somehow (I blame Jeremy) she decided they need to be fed bread from Cub every time we are in the bath. So now the game we play is pretending to drive to cub, get a cart, find the bread, pay for the bread, go home and give it to Bella. Who then eats it for herself and then tells us we have to go back to get more for the ducks. This is just one example of her imagination. She’s been showing it off a lot lately and I love it.

Everything has to match. I didn’t do any research to figure out if this is a typical 2 year old thing, or if I’ll have an OCD kid on my hands, but god forbid the purple cup be dirty when we use the purple plate because she wants them to match! The real tragedy is that we lost our pink spoon, so she can have a pink plate and a pink cup but has to use a different color spoon. She also does this with her clothes sometimes. If she has pink on she needs a pink blanket and pink stuffed animals with her.

"Where are you…??” I actually like it when things get lost sometimes because she’ll call out in the cutest voice “Where are you red ball?” or if we get home and she wants to see Dada “Where are you Dada?”. Again something that I didn’t even realize we said but she picked up from somewhere!

She picked up on “See you later, Alligator!” and “In a while, Crocodile!” so not only do we get to hear this when we leave sometimes but every night as we put her to bed she’ll call out as we’re leaving the room “See you later, Alligator!”

Reading books by herself…kind of. Meaning she’ll sit and page through a book and tell the story as she sees it or remembers it. Usually she’s pretty accurate but sometimes she gets off track. She might be doing that on purpose though because her and I will often sit with one of my books and I’ll “Read” it to her (make up stories pretending like I’m reading the book)

She prefers Alvin and the Chipmonks in the car over the Wiggles now. Thank god.

That's enough for now.

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I like the "See ya later, alligator!"