Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The past month

Obviously there has been a lot going on this past month. Is it ironic that once I have something to blog about I don’t have time to do it?!

We really appreciate all the visitors, well wishes, and gifts we’ve received these past few weeks. A baby will brings out the love and support from your friends. We are very, very lucky. To recap the month, here are some observations. For pics of our sweetie, check out the ever growing collection here:

~She’s an excellent sleeper and communicator. We are extremely lucky to have a baby that really only cries when she is hungry, wet/dirty, or tired. Each day we get better at figuring out which cry means what.
~ She really doesn’t like wet diapers (but dirties seem ok). Change it NOW!
In the morning she just likes to cuddle with Mama. She doesn’t want to play or lay on her own. Right now the Moby Wrap is perfect for both of us – she can cuddle and sleep and I can have both hands.

~ Evenings are “fussy” times….just in time for Dad to come home from work! I use the term “fussy” very lightly as she can usually be calmed by Dad.
~ Jeremy surprises me everyday by his fathering abilities. He is more gentle and caring with Isabella than I could have ever dreamed. They have a connection – and I have a true Daddy’s girl on my hands!
~Although we didn’t want to use it, we’ve given into the pacifier and it seems to distract her to put her to sleep. Again, she doesn’t really cry much when we put her to bed – but she just gets so wiggly/distracted by things that the paci helps sooth her.
~ She always lets Mama shower, eat breakfast, pump, eat lunch, etc. It is as if she knows when I really want to get something done and she waits until I’m finished before asking for something.
~ Ditto on outings. We haven’t had to deal with a crying baby once while out of the house. When in her carseat she is sleeping 80% of the time – the other time is spent looking around and looking cute. We even took her to El Loro for a very loud birthday dinner (for my friend) and she slept though it all!

We are getting to the point where she is starting to react to us a little bit. No smiles yet (unless she has gas), but she focuses on us very intently, opens her mouth wide, and/or coos and talks back to us when we are playing with her. Mama is just waiting for that first real smile, though!!

Each day her and I figure out more about each other. I hope to be able to keep this more up to date as she is by far my favorite topic right now. Who knew I'd turn into one of those moms who just loves to talk about thier kids?! Oh, wait - that's every Mom. Now I understand why!


Miss Jess said...

It's strange to see you and Jeremy as parents but strange in a good way. It's amazing how much one little life can change your own. You're doing an amazing job!

Amie and Carson said...

I loved the moby wrap! I still use it occasionally! Isn't it amazing...I mean it's been only a month but I bet you can't remember what life was like before her!!!

Sarah said...

I knew you and JT would be "perfect" parents. I love how great your family looks together. It really is beautiful! :)