Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We met a boy!

Will we be busting this picture out at their wedding?

Yesterday, Isabella (who is 7 weeks today!!) and I met new-mom Jessie and her handsome son Ben (5 weeks old) for a walk. Ben is SO FREAKING cute!! He was born about 4 weeks early and is about the same weight that Isabella was when she left the hospital (around 8 lbs). It was so fun to hold him because I don't remember Isabella being that light!

Mommy Jessie and Ben
Isabella bullying Ben (no, not really)
So we may or may not have a love connection...although I will say that Isabella may have her pick of men. My friends Crystal and Rachel are both expecting boys in Sept/Oct. Not to mention that Isabella is the only girl in both of the New Parent Connection meetings/playgroups we go to. She gets a lot of attention! :) We just don't tell Daddy because I think he's already ready to lock her in her room until she is 18.


Miss Jess said...

I so wish I could've went for a walk yesterday with you girls and the babes! I almost, almost called in stupid to work. So cute!!! Isabella is getting so big!!! Ben is too but still SO tiny!!!

Amie and Carson said...

Isn't it so funny how quickly you forget what it's like to have a baby that small!? They grow so quickly!

Jessie said...

Gosh- Ben is tan now that I look at him - lucky man got Marty's skin coloring.

Sarah said...

This is just too cute. All of Isabella's "lovers". She is going to have her pick of the litter, that is for sure! She looks so bug compared to Ben. What a cutie he is too! I want to go on a walk with you guys!! I.AM.JEALOUS.