Monday, June 23, 2008

We have a sleeper!

For the past 5 nights, Isabella has slept for 6 hours or more at a time! I still don't really believe that it will last - it seems so early for her to be sleeping though the night (which is 5 hours or more at a time) - but I'll take what I can get.
Chilling before bed and hanging onto Daddy's hand

We are also very lucky because we can usually put her down still awake and she'll put herself to sleep. This is when she'll sleep for 5-6 hours, wake to eat, and then sleep for another 2 hours or so.

I'm hoping I don't jinx it by writing about it!

We had another great weekend, although it was very busy.

Nana, Grandpa T and Aunt Mara came over on Fri night with lasagna and green thumbs. After we ate, they planted flowers and hostas in our front garden. It needed some work very badly! I just haven't had the time to fix it up, but they transformed it! It looks great and it feels good to walk up to a house with a real garden rather than weed patches everywhere.

Quality sleep time with Mara and Nana

Saturday we went to lunch and Home Depot, then left Isabella with Gma and Gpa H for the night. It was the first time we left her with babysitters for an extended amount of time, but we knew she was in good hands!

We went to our friend's 30th b-day party and good times were had by all. The best part is that I got to see my girls! Three of who are expecting mothers. We tried to keep the baby talk to a minimum...but it was tough!!

Three preggos on the left ......JT and Joel having the time of their life

Sunday we went to church - we aren't members anywhere yet and need to find one to get her baptized. Jeremy is Catholic and I am Lutheran, but we agreed to raise Isabella Catholic. So we are hoping to find a Catholic church that welcomes me and makes me feel comfortable. So far we really like the Church of St Stephen in Anoka for reasons I won't get into. I'll admit that it was fun to bring Isabella to church and watch every one oogle and smile at her!
After church we went to Mercy to meet with a lactation consultant. I've just been having some questions and minor, minor issues with feeding Isabella. I was hesitant to see an LC, but Jeremy convinced me that it couldn't hurt...and afterwards I was so glad we went. I felt much more confident about how I was feeding her and much more comfortable. The LC gave me some great tips and advice to ensure that I don't get frustrated. Note to new moms: breastfeeding is HARD. It's not as natural and carefree as it is presented to be. However, the fact that I know it's best for Isabella (and it's FREE) keeps me going.
Then it was back to St Stephen's (which is right by Mercy) because they were having their annual summer fest/carnival. Jeremy and I were in the mood for some corn dogs and cheese nuggets! We also invested a few bucks into the raffle...I assume we didn't win the $4,000 grand prize or else we'd be planning our Mexican vacation right now. Oh well.

I was ready to be done for the day, but had plans to visit Jeremy's cousin Misty for another Isabella photo shoot. This time it was at her house and she wanted to do some black and whites. Isabella wasn't quite having it, though. She cried pretty much the entire time. However, Misty said she thinks she got a few good shots - so hopefully they are worth it!

Personally, I can't believe my maternity leave is 1/2 over already. I'll admit that many times in these 6 weeks the minutes have dragged by, but the days and week fly by. How does that work?


Jessie said...

New layout! Congrats on the sleeping! That has to feel sooooo good. :) I grew up going to St Stephens actually.

Sarah said...

Yippee to Isabella sleeping longer! I don't think it is too early. I have known some babies that started out sleeping pretty well.

I am so glad you guys came out for Jason's birthday! It was so fun and I am sure it was a nice break for you both.

I am also sad your leave is almost over. I am sure being away from work has been awesome. It will be so hard when you have to go back. *tear* :(

P.S. I want cheese nuggets now.