Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a wonderful weekend!!

Friday night
We took Miss Isabella to Applebees for some Fiesta Lime Chicken and Honey BBQ Ribs. She politely declined and slept the entire time. She woke up in time to have some fun family time at home. I've determined that every time I see Jeremy 'dance' with Isabella I fall more in love with both of them. Another miracle of having a child: JT won't dance with me unless he's had one too many, but he'll dance with Isabella stone sober in a second! I don't really mind, though. It does calm her down every time she’s fussy and it puts a huge smile on my face.

Dancing with Daddy

I swear she knows it's the weekend. This is the second Sat in a row where she slept in until 10am! Granted this was after a 3am and 6am feeding, but during the week we are usually back up around 8:30.

Well rested, we ventured to Ridgedale for some shopping. Can I say that the 'in between' sizes after pregnancy is worse that the ones while pregnant? Nothing fits. NOTHING! Materinity clothes are too big and my normal clothes are too small. Ok, that might be dramatic - but honestly the one non-maternity shirt that I liked how I looked in ended up getting some odd stains on it. I found a few replacements, but there was slim pickings. It doesn't help that I refuse to pay $50 for a t-shirt....or any shirt, really.

So, I whine that I feel frumpy and out of fashion yet I refuse to buy anything that isn't on sale or from Target...hmmm....

Isabella did great at the mall. I had to nurse her twice there, but there were some nice 'nursing rooms'. We had lunch at Big Bol where she did spit up all over Daddy, but overall spent the lunch looking cute and taking compliments.

The evening was spent at home figuring out what to wear the next day for pictures - I had to make an emergency Target run - and I enjoyed 2 glasses of wine (one pre-feeding, one after she went to bed). Yum.

Hanging out with Mama

It was up and at them early for me and Isabella. After feeding we woke up Daddy with is first Father's day gift - a subscription to Family Handyman magazine (Because he is our family handyman!), a Jack Johnson CD, and a belated gift of sour gummy worms. I love so much that Jeremy is a dad!

We met Jeremy's cousin, Misty, at Basset Creek Park in Crystal so she could take some family pictures and pictures of Isabella. She does photography as a hobby and asked if she could practice baby pics on Isabella - OF COURSE! It was fun and Isabella lasted a full hour before coming fussy. I can't wait to see the pics!!

Then it was off to Great-Grandpa Hadjer's for a visit. Again, Isabella was an angel even though I'm sure she was hungry. She turned on the charm, and we got to leave with a 1/2 watermelon and some oranges straight from CA. Good deal!

The rest of Fathers Day has been/will be spent relaxing. JT and I each got a nap in and later we'll go to his parent's for dinner.
The only other update is that I have a cold/allergies and feel pretty cruddy - so I'm hoping it ends quickly.
Dark, but cute

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Sarah said...

I love that she is so great when you guys go out. You are so lucky!!! She is still the cutest thing ever!!