Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Phone Conversation

Normally, I pick Bella up after work but yesterday Jeremy had pick up duty. I was at home getting dinner ready when I got a call from Jeremy’s phone. Here’s roughly how the conversation went.

Me: Hello?

Bella: HI Mama! It’s Bella!

Me: Hi Bella!

Bella: Don’t worry Mama, we are coming home now.

Me: Oh good, I missed you.

Bella: I missed you too Mama


Me: good! I’m getting dinner ready

Me: Is Dada with you?

Bella: Yes. Dada’s driving. Don’t worry I’m safe.

And it continued on from there for another minute or so. I was sure that Jeremy was prompting her with this conversation but he swears he wasn’t. he was driving and handed her his cell phone after he dialed our number! He thought *I* was prompting her somehow but I wasn’t. She’s talked about being starving before, but how she came up with “don’t worry” and “I’m safe” I have no idea. Even though it’s totally common I am still blown away by having a full on conversation with her, let alone over the phone. I love hearing her updates on her day from Bella…even though sometimes she stretches the truth (like telling me she ate shoes for lunch or that her and Mara went to visit a sheep next door…) she can normally recap her day pretty well for me.

I just had to capture what I can remember of that conversation because it both made me laugh and amazed me.

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Sarah said...

I love this!! How adorable is Bella?!?!? I wish I had a sheep next door.