Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goofy Girl

This has been in my inbox for a while (I’ll sometimes type things up at work and then e-mail myself to post later) and for some reason never made it into my blog. I figured I’d post as is even though I’ve probably mentioned a few of these already in recent posts.

Bella cracks me up. I know part of it is being 2 years old and having no reservations, but I hope her goofy-ness continues on and she’ll always be this silly and fun.

Below are some random things that Bella is doing these days -

She states that she LOVES everything. “I LOVE the color pink” “ I LOVE to put my own shirt on” ….but it is funniest when it’s the most random thing that she loves. For example, this morning her spoon fell on the floor so I picked it up and rinsed it. She demanded that I dry it off because “ I LOVE it when things are dry”. I’m blanking on other examples, but at she is very passionate about things I guess.

Her and Dada somehow started a random game that makes no sense called “Bubbly Bubbly”. They take turns naming objects and starting by saying bubbly bubbly…for example “Bubbly bubbly shoe” “Bubbly bubbly door” etc. Bella could sit and play this game forever and it cracks her up.

Bella decided that all her spoons and forks are named “Dr Amy” (after her pediatrician) and after meal times she insists that Jeremy sit with her so “Dr Amy Fork” can come out and talk to him. She even does a different voice for Dr Amy Fork and will talk about how she loves to feed Bella food.

Another game of pretend involves playing kitties. Bella turns into a baby cat and speaks in yet another voice (higher pitched) and talks like this “Meow Meow I’m baby kitty meow meow”. I’ll be Mama Kitty and Jeremy is Dada Kitty. Many nights, our entire bedtime routine is spent with Bella as a baby kitty – from brushing teeth, to putting on Pajamas to reading book she’ll stay in character the entire time. It’s hilarious. Or if we are just playing then she’ll want to play like a cat. Or she’ll get Leinie’s toys and want US to play like cats. While I know that playing pretend is common for toddlers, it’s the voice she uses as a baby cat that cracks me up. I’ll have to try to get it on video soon.

Similar to above, she also loves to pretend she’s a baby bird. This started because if JT or I sit cross-legged on the floor it becomes her ‘nest’. So if she’s not pretending to be a kitty, she’s pretending to be a baby bird.

My mom has started doing a lot of crafts and activities with her which has been fun to see. She has a bunch of the Kumon-like books that she’s been working with Bella on so now Bella is a pro at matching, finding what’s different, tracing, finding words that start with the same letter, etc. She’s started cutting and pasting as well. The crafts that my mom does with Bella are cute to see as well and Bella loves to pick out colors or different items to paste on things. I’ve decided to just save everything in a box because I don’t have the heart to throw anything away!

Bella is doing really well at spelling simple words – her name, Mama, Dada, and Cat are the ones that she is best at. But she’s started to get the hang of figuring out what letters start with by sounding it out. So sometimes we’ll just be talking normally and all the sudden she’ll repeat a word by saying “f-f-flower! Starts with f!”. She’s not perfect at this…she insisted that Gorilla starts with ‘B’ the other day but it’s cute to listen to her try.

“Where does that come from?” is the big question in our house these days. No, not in regards to babies (yet) but almost everything else she’ll ask where it came from. This leads to some interesting discussions – for example, the milk discussion I posted on Facebook not long ago. She asked were Milk comes from and I told her cows and she wouldn’t believe me. She insisted that milk was made from string cheese. You put the string cheese in the milk jug and stir it around and it becomes milk. Which, in a way, makes sense since milk and string cheese are at least the same colors. JT and I still aren’t sure how to answer when she asks where the chicken she is eating for dinner comes from… so far we’ve been honest with her and it hasn’t freaked her out yet. Also, how do you explain to a 2 yr old were numbers and letters come from?

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Sarah said...

I think I was smiling the entire time I was reading this blog post. BElla is too adorable for words!! "I LOVE when things are dry" cracked me up so much!!!! Love it!!