Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby T part deux

I don’t think I’ve mentioned in my blog much about pregnancy #2. It’s still been mostly all about Bella…which is fine for now but all that will be changing (it won't be all about Bella soon!) so I figure a Baby T #2 update is due.

Overall I have felt OK during this pregnancy, not great, but OK. All the things I “missed out” on the first time around have made an appearance. I’m definitely feeling VERY PREGNANT, tired, sore and miserable all the time. Ok, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration…but only a bit. With Bella I felt great. I could have been pregnant for 3 more months and been perfectly happy. Not so lucky this time.

Right around the 6.5/7 month mark I feel like both myself and baby grew to the point where it’s uncomfortable to sleep, take stairs, walk, breathe, you name it. I don’t THINK I have sciatica, but something like it where the lower left of my back HURTS more than just back pain. It’s nerve pain and causes me to be unable to move at times. I always find a creative way to get out of whatever position I’m in, but sometimes it takes awhile and, well, hurts. Wah wah.

I know the fact that I have a 2 year old contributes to me feeling more run down and sore. She wants me to carry her everywhere – up and down the stairs are the worst. I do it because how can you resist a cute little toddler looking up at you saying “mama, pick me up!” or “Mama, I’m too liiiiiiiittle to do it by myself” (meaning go up/down the stairs…which is totally untrue as she’ll take them easily if I’m not around or she doesn’t want to wait for me). Also, pregnancy isn’t new anymore. I’ve done this once before and am not as intrigued by it. I just want this baby now! Nothing against Bella, but I’m more anxious to meet this one than I was Bella. I think there were too many unknowns the first time and I was more nervous than anything. Now I’m more confident and just want to see what this little person will look like and act like.

Here’s how pregnancy #2 has been different than pregnancy #1 so far…

  • Morning sickness – I had it. All day long. It wasn’t so bad that I was puking my guts out, but I was nauseas almost all the time for my first trimester. It never really stopped me from eating – I thin it would take a lot do that – but was annoying and made me feel crappy.
  • General pain and cramping – got to the point where I called a nurse because I did not remember having pain like I was experiencing the first time around. Since it accompanied some bleeding, I ended up having an unscheduled ultrasound at 17 weeks. They found a blood clot which contributed to the bleeding and said the cramping/pain was normal pregnancy pains. Well, news to me. But I was happy all was fine
  • Going to pre-natal appts alone – JT attended ALL of my pre-natal appts the first time. This time he went to the first couple and since then I’ve been going solo. I’m fine with this and prefer it since they really are non-eventful. I get weighed and my blood pressure measured, Dr Kern comes in and we chat for about 1 minute about how I don’t have questions and feel fine, she checks the baby’s heartbeat and measurements and I’m done.
  • No real cravings – my “craving” for sweets is back but I’m convinced it’s not really a craving and just me allowing myself treats that I wouldn’t have normally. Pregnant or not, once you are used to having something sweet after every meal you come to expect it (for example, I may or may not have just had 2 monster cookies after my lunch…). I didn’t really have strong cravings my first time either, but I remember a fondness for OJ and apple cider. I just haven’t had those same kind of feelings this time around.
  • No food aversions - last time, I wasn’t able to eat eggs or chew gum. It grossed me out thanks to a few dreams I had. Nothing like that this time!
  • Less naps – I don’t get to come home from work and nap for an hour while JT makes dinner. Boo.
  • Braxon Hicks contractions – If I had them with Bella, I didn’t notice them. I notice them now. Sometimes they hurt, but most of the time it’s just the noticeable contraction/tightening of my belly and uncomfortable. I find myself having to breath really heavily to get through them and wonder if other people notice.

I’m hoping that a different pregnancy means a different delivery as well….an easier and faster one. I’d prefer not to be induced again…or if I am for it not to take 32 hours w/ 3 hours of pushing for the baby to come.


Maggie said...

32 hours is sounding nice right about now. I'm heading into 48 after this next overnight round. Barely dilated too. Damn this kid!

Maggie said...

I'm a moron. I'm just heading into 32 also! @#$%&! It feels like I've been here a week already.

Sarah said...

It really does sound like this pregnancy is worse. Sorry to hear that Mandy!! But you never complain! Or maybe JT gets all of the complaining...... I hope the next couple months go by fast so we can all meet Trafty #2!!!

Jessie said...

Oh, so much of that sounds familiar. I think most people feel more worn down the second time around when you're chasing #1 around. I felt MUCH more uncomfortable with Jane too.
I hope your labor goes well and quicker! Most likely it will - good news! You're considered a veteran now. ;)
And I hear ya on the visits. Even now with Jane's appts I'm in and out. "Any questions?" "Nope." Let's get out of here! I've got stuff to do! :P

Melly Mel said...

I suggest going to a chiropractor if you are comfortable doing it. It did wonders for me in the end, you'd be amazed at how out of whack carrying a baby can make you!