Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a nut...

Yesterday, we took Bella to the allergist referred to us by her pediatrician. There were no additional tests, but he gave us some good information and helped us understand what happens next.

When her pediatrician ran blood tests, she tested positive for peanut allergies but not tree nuts. However, the allergist recommended avoiding tree nuts anyway. Not only will we never really know if the tree nut (almonds, pecans, cashews, etc) was in a factory with peanuts but it’ll just make it easier. No nuts, period.
She’ll get re-tested again at 4 yrs old. There is a 1 in 5 chance the allergy will go away. But, that’s a 4 in 5 chance it won’t so we aren’t getting our hopes up.

We have Epi pens to use in case of a reaction, however Benadryl can be used for minor reactions.

Baby #2 has a 7% chance of having peanut allergies vs 2% chance the rest of the population would have… meaning a slight increase due to the fact that as sibling has an allergy.

JT seems to think that we gave her peanut products too early at 2 yrs. However, based on the fact that there are no other food allergies in our family it’s totally normal for pediatricians to give the go ahead for peanuts at 2 yrs. In fact, by the time we hit Bella’s 2 yr appt her Doctor basically said they aren’t sure about any of the research anymore and it’s probably fine to give them peanut products earlier. However, now with the increased risk for #2 we’ll for sure wait until 3 yrs old.
We are clearing all peanut products out of our house. No more peanut butter for me …but the allergist recommend Sun Butter which is made out of sunflower seeds as an alternative. My parents and in-laws are also recommended to do the same since she is over there so much. I’m now going to be a strict label reading parent.

No Asian restaurants, ice cream parlors or bakeries for Bella. These are the top 3 high risk areas. The good news is that we’ve been able to go out to eat and stick with Mac & Cheese or hamburgers and she’s been fine. Tonight we enjoyed tacos at El Loro – so she isn’t totally missing out!

Other than all that, life continues on as normal. At first I was really bummed out about the peanut allergy – I don’t want Bella to miss out on anything – but really it’s not that big of a deal. At least it’s only peanuts and not wheat, gluten and dairy as well. As long as we can be stringent about reminding people not to just feed her whatever, I’m hoping we can avoid any episodes!


Jessie said...

Interesting stats about the peanut allergy and next baby. I can't remember exactly but I thought kids could have peanut butter or nuts at 1? IDK or I forgot! Anyway, gave Ben nuts at 1. I think? He's fine. So it wasn't you. But it is interesting how so many kids now have peanut allergies. I'de bet money it is on our processed food we eat and consume as a nation. But every one's got their theories...
I have a friend in my mommygroup whose kid has allergies to a lot of stuff and she benefits a lot from other groups she is a part of to find recipes for cooking and support, etc.
FYI - schools are really good now about posting peanut free areas! :)

kayla said...

Any food allergy sucks! I have an allergy to dairy. For a while I just didn't drink milk or eat ice cream. I still ate cheese and yogurt etc. Now I can't handle dairy at all!!! I drink almond milk and soy yogurt. You honestly get used to it as time goes on and it becomes the norm. At least Bella is so young, she really won't miss it. I grew up drinking milk and eating ice cream, so it was hard to give it up at 15! My doctor told me a lot more people are developing food allergies, and they aren't sure why. Both my sisters have dairy allergies as well, so number two just might have a peanut allergy.
I love reading your blogs by the way;)

Sarah said...

Kayla has a point. At least Bella hasn't grown up being able to eat peanuts and peanut products and now won't be able to. She won't have anything to miss at this point. Mandy, if you ever have a peanut butter craving, you are more than welcome to come over and I'll make you a PB & J. :)