Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bella's First Twins Game

(I can't figure out how to properly format these picture sfor the life of me...so this is just going to be one ugly blog.)

This past Saturday Bella got to go to her first Twins game, courtesy of my brother Andy. I’ll admit that I didn’t really ever think I’d bring a 2 yr old to a game, but she did really well and had a blast. When we got there, we took some time for photo ops.


Then we met up with my brother and Dad and took more pictures and got Bella’s face painted. She loved this Mickey Mouse statue. She had to see it 3 times when we were there.


After I signed up for the ‘Good Sport’ program (sign up as a designated driver and wear a wrist band so no one serves you beer to get a free soda and entered into a drawing) we found our seats. We were in section 327 row 13. We were 2nd to the last row in the stadium but the view was still pretty good. The seats were perfect for Bella since we were on the end and no one was behind us. The group in front of us enjoyed Bella and didn’t care that there was an overly enthusiastic 2 yr old behind them.

Bella had to sit in Seat #2 because 2 is her favorite number at the time She cheered “hit the ball!” and “Go Twins!” as loud as she could. She got to eat a pretzel with cheese, chicken fingers and share ice cream (From a mini Twins hat) with Mama.
Uncle Andy had a nice surprise for Bella as well – her name on the big screen!

About the 6th inning my dad took Bella for a walk/to see Mickey again but they were back in time for the 7th inning stretch. Even though she’ll sing “take me out to the ball game” all the time at home, she seemed confused and wouldn’t sing along.

The Twins won. We had to make a stop at Mickey one more time on our way out. We all had a good time and are looking forward to next time!


Jessie said...

If you choose the center option when uploading your pictures then you are able to type in between the upload java script on your posts.

Sarah said...

I am so happy Bella loved the game! Where is the Mickey Mouse? We need to walk around the new stadium sometime. I love that your brother put her name up on the Twins O Gram screen. How cool is that? I also noticed you snuck in a picture of the new fridge! Fancy!!!